Finding a Product Manufacturer in the USA

Made In The USA Silver BadgeDepending on whom you talk to, and what side of the fence a person’s political partisanship sways, some people believe that the government, due to its levy of taxes and other burdens, is responsible for many American businesses taking their business operations overseas. If you were to happen to speak with some of the business owners who have in fact taken their business operations to another country, they would likely affirm this sentiment. This predicament is especially true for product manufacturers, as the shipping of products to and from a location is more profitable, and manufacturing of industrial products, as well as the hiring of employees, is significantly lower in most other countries. As it seems un-American for United States industrial organizations to operate overseas, who can argue with the significantly reduced overhead assumed by business that run in another country? One could speak and argue on the politics of this situation all day long, but this is not the point of this blog. As a company decision maker looking for a product manufacturer, you might feel more at ease purchasing and importing industrial products from a business that operates in the United States of America.

One would state or argue for its nationalistic merits, but the real reason for a company to seek product manufacturers in the United States of America is that it is simply easier. First, the line of communication is much easier, and the costs to travel to meet representatives from a business or to see its business operations is significantly lower. In addition, the cost to import or have the products to and from a product manufacturer will not be nearly as high compared to a product manufacturer stateside. There are also time considerations, as clearly the necessary time it would take to agree on, order, and acquire the products once finished would be quite lower if working with a product manufacturer in the USA.

Though a lot of businesses are jumping ship to relocate it operations to a country where mass production will be significantly cheaper, companies can still find a product manufacturer here in the United States. A good start would be to contact Jessup Manufacturing, a business that prides itself on successfully running its operation in America for over fifty years, with no reason or desire to ever move its operations outside of the US. Jessup feels the a stronger level of trust and business rapport is created when clients can come to our site or speak to one of our business professionals face to face. We also believe there is a considerable advantage concerning the turnaround time to complete our customers’ needs by maintaining our operations here in America.

Call Jessup, and let us get a dialogue started to determine hoe our operations can help your company obtain complete functionality through our product offerings. We promise to see our contract with our clients through from beginning to end, as it heightens the chance for success – one of the many reasons why we have been around and accomplishing much for over half of a century.

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