Fabric Lamination Services

Most fabrics, including chintz and sateen, can be laminated with a light plastic coating in order to ward off stains, spills, and mildew. Modern fabric lamination methods have become so sophisticated that a person often cannot tell that a fabric has been laminated until it has been touched. Today’s laminated fabrics do not have the thick, shiny, cheap-looking plastic coatings that existed decades ago; rather, modern technology has given way to sleek and shiny fabric laminated appearances.

If you or your business are choosing fabrics for outdoor chair cushions, kitchen stools, nurseries, or any other area where wetness, dampness, moisture, and staining form liquids is a major concern, you might want to seriously consider investing in lamination. Proper fabric lamination services will also give you the flexibility of choosing from a much wider array of fabrics, rather than being forced to select from only a handful of fabrics, such as Textilene and Sunbrella, which are specifically meant to resist moisture, and are therefore much more expensive.

To be suitable for lamination, a fabric must not have any texture irregularities such as “slubs” or “loops.” It is the experience of the industry that fabric lamination will be limited mostly to chintzes, sailcloth, and sateen, which happen to make up the vast majority of decorative fabrics. It is of professional opinion that interested parties will normally get better results with light to medium colors than with dark colors.

Fabric lamination might seem like an expensive proposition, however, it can greatly lengthen the life of furnishings that are consistently exposed to damp conditions and excessive staining. When taking into consideration the savings from not having to replace furnishings as often, lamination will more than pay for itself sooner than businesses might think.

Most reputable and professional fabric lamination services, such as Jessup Manufacturing, can arrange to have fabrics laminated for you. As the equipment used for lamination is quite expensive, this service should be left to the experts, such as those at Jessup.

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