Contract Manufacturing Services: Are They Right For Your Business?

PartsCoatingContract Manufacturing (CM) Services are essential for many companies today as in numerous scenarios it makes sense to gain experienced help rather than spend more to manage custom product requirements internally. Whether your business needs a special protective coating or a unique quality such as photoluminescence, an expert in contract manufacturing services offers these among other benefits:

  • Low Cost Solutions
  • Increased Experience & Skills
  • Ability to Work with Numerous Materials
  • Multiple Application Processes
  • Enhancement Opportunities
  • Product Development Insight

CM services are opportunistic to say the least for a variety of industries. Regardless of whether operating in the aerospace, defense, computer, medical, or automotive sectors, the service delivers a chance to improve processes as well as end products.

Weighing the Benefits and Risks of CM
If you are on the fence about whether or not to utilize contract manufacturing services, here is some helpful insight to aid in this decision. The choice delivers cost saving advantages because it eliminates the need for further facilities, workers, and equipment. Additionally, with an experienced professional, there is no need to train or pay for extra labor involved with learning new skills. A CM service does all of this for you at a contracted price.

Second, the unique skillset offered by this mutual agreement delivers the benefit of advantageous relationships between suppliers and improved production efficiency. Since they already have the processes in place and are highly skilled at working with the materials, your business experiences the benefits of these qualities almost immediately.

Third, working with a custom contract manufacturing service provides increased end product quality. Providers typically have well-defined quality control methods that prevent damaged or low quality results. Finally, a contracted service makes it easier to remain focused on core business activities. What are the downsides to using contract manufacturing services? The most common concerns are:

  • Lack of Control
  • Poor Relationships
  • Quality Issues
  • Capacity Constraints
  • Loss of Flexibility

While these items are completely viable for any business considering the additional help, they are non-existent when working with the right service provider. It is true that the wrong choice can easily result in lower quality results and less flexibility in available service offerings. A poor relationship will no doubt strain the experience as well as the end result. If you are considering working with a CM, then the first step is evaluating their experience, processes, and services to ensure they are able to meet these needs at the right price.

Then take time to discuss these items with the contract manufacturing service to begin building a solid relationship. If they have the right processes in place, then quality will not be an issue. You will immediately have the required flexibility for product enhancement or development. Having a better understanding of the required materials, used substrates, and specific needs will also help a selected provider deliver the best results. At Jessup MFG, we have over 50 years of experience in providing coating and laminating contract manufacturing services. Our experience spans over many substrates, coating materials, and application processes. Contact us today to discuss needs and learn more about how we are able to enhance your products.

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