Bathtub Safety Strips

Rub-a-dub-dub, the three men in the tub are likely going to slip and fall without bathtub safety strips. How many times can you remember losing your footing in the bathtub only to luckily regain your footing before falling out of the tub? Unfortunately, many people are not as lucky as you, and have seriously injured themselves while showering or bathing. You might not have thought it, but the bathtub can be a serious hazard.

The soap and shampoo you use to clean yourself acts as a lubricant to wash off oil and dirt, which can make the floor of the tub slippery as it washes off you and onto the tile. Moreover, the water is also a slippery substance that can make you slip and fall. The bathtub in and of itself is a potential recipe for disaster. It is an enclosed space, meaning you have no way to really catch yourself if you begin to fall. There are metal components and objects that are jutting from the wall, which, if you do slip and fall, you could hit your head and cause serious damage.

The purpose of this blog is not to make you stress over your next routine shower, but to relate to a possible past experience when you remember losing your footing for an instant at some point, and experiencing a close call, as it likely that most of us can relate. Although the number is not great, which is a huge relief, there have been reports of serious injuries and even death related to bathtub accidents. These unfortunate incidents can be resolved through the use of bathtub safety strips. Bathtub safety strips will provide the traction you need in the shower, ensuring that no close calls ever happen again.

Jessup Manufacturing can provide you all the information you need about bathtub safety strips, and how they are installed in the shower. No matter how slippery the floor of the tub can become from the mixture of soap, shampoo, and water, bathtub safety strips will make sure you never lose your footing again. Contact Jessup today, and find out where you can purchase bathtub safety strips.

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