Aluminum Extrusions Help Companies with Sustainability Endeavors

Extrusion allows fixed, cross-sectional metal or plastic objects to be created by pushing through or drawing the material into a specially designed die. It is a manufacturing process capable of producing a variety of product lines and has specific advantages over alternative methods used for this same purpose. Extrusion is used to produce extremely complex cross-sections where the finished piece remains brittle since materials are only subjected to compressive and cutting processes. Components created by this production method also supply a visually appealing finished surface. Metals, ceramics, and polymers are the most typically processed materials. Extrusion of metals or plastic may be performed in a hot or cold environment. Aluminum extrusions are an increased durability alloy that is used to fasten items to a wall or another surface easily. These strips serve as an applicable egress safety choice for affixing markings to exit route walls or handrails where a dependable visual source will be needed.

Long-lasting, Eco-Friendly Mounting Solutions

Aluminum extrusions are silver in color, traditionally range from sixty to one-hundred thirty four inches in length, and average two to eight inches in width. They supply a durable solution along walls or in additional areas where a continuous egress path is necessary. These products are an option for any manufacturer desiring to increase durability or to add a mountable marking surface to a completed piece of merchandise. This mounting solution is designed to provide an easy to affix, strong, long lasting surface where additional items are applicable for visibility or safety purposes. Aluminum is the most desired metal for the extrusion process because it is an environmentally friendly and reliable structural choice. Building owners, contractors, and merchandise oriented businesses are switching to aluminum extrusions in an effort to create greener buildings. These easy to install mounting solutions deliver specific environmental benefits to manufacturers who want to provide an eco-friendly, durable product.

Why Are Aluminum Extrusions The Better Choice?

Aluminum extrusions are becoming more commonplace as their environmental benefits have been recognized. While their initial price is higher than other solutions, they entail a longer duration of life and are the most environmentally safe option. Extruded aluminum is used to manufacture window casings, picture frames, safety mounting solutions, and can be found in various types of environments. Manufacturers are using extruded aluminum as part of finished merchandise for home, school, and business applications. Aluminum-based extrusions have been more recently been used for section binding on the International Space Station and also incorporated into numerous structural components. Safety mounting products consisting of extruded aluminum are better able to withstand emergency environments where extreme heat or fire could damage alternative types of fasteners. It is a versatile option that not only meets the needs of companies or building owners seeking a highly dependable egress system component, but is also a great choice for companies desiring to provide a better completed product to their business or public consumers. Jessup MFG offers several choices to businesses in need of a better, cost effective fastening choice. Aluminum extrusions provide an eco-friendly, easy to install option for any company desiring to improve building safety or their own products.

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