What were the Best Inventions in 2013?

TimetoInventBecause Jessup Manufacturing has a real and profound interested in helping people, small companies, and new businesses design and develop new, innovative, fresh, and state of the art inventions, we are fond of tracking the best new inventions form which people of all walks of life and living in any location can benefit. For those of you reading this blog who have a deep affinity for creating new products that can help people, please feel free to contact Jessup Manufacturing should you feel as though you need help getting your development project off the ground. Moreover, if you feel like you do not have the necessary resources to see your development project come to fruition, or if you merely hit a roadblock and would like to receive professional consultation on your modern project design, the professional at Jessup Manufacturing can help you. The experts at Jessup Manufacturing would be happy to assist you in any manner possible, because we at Jessup love to see to creations come forth that can help people and improve the way individuals, businesses, and societies function and operate. The following are some of what we consider the best inventions of 2013.

  1. ANKI DRIVE – This fun-filled and unique toy-like invention involves using an iOS (Apple mobile devices) operating system application to simulate a real world driving experience through computation of the brain, which allows the cars to work as they would in a real world environment.
  2. + (Plus) Pool – For over a century, New Yorkers have been unable to swim in the East River. Today, with a modern technology design called the Plus Pool. The Plus Pool is an actual pool that floats in the East River, and can use the East River Water because the pool is designed with a purifying filter mechanism.
  3. ARGUS II – This is the first device approved by the FDA to assist with the restoring of partial sight for an individual. They are glasses that can pick up signals from the world around you and sends them to the computer built in to the glasses, which it then interprets. The computer then sends signals to the implant in your eye, which is then sent to your brain in the form of electronic signals
  4. Infinity Tower – South Korea has begun developing the first invisible skyscraper. How it works is one side of the skyscraper uses a set of cameras that pick up what is behind the skyscraper, and then projects that image on the other side of the skyscraper. Therefore, when looking directly at the skyscraper from one angle, all you will see is the background image being rendered from the other side of the skyscraper.
  5. Gastric Brooding Frog – What was once a native of Australia, this frog would gestate its offspring in its stomach, and, when it was time to give birth, the mother would birth the babies from its mouth. Neat, huh? Problem is, the frog has been extinct for over thirty years. No anymore though, as Australian scientists have been able to recreate the frog through old DNA samples. Soon, the Gastric Brooding Frog will be hopping around the earth again, amazing people with its uncanny birthing method.

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