Tips for Installing Ground Graphics

If you have decided to use ground graphics for your next big promotional event, congratulations, because you are using the absolute best promotional tool to advertise your product, brand, image, et cetera. Now, it is time to figure out how to best utilize your ground graphic image. Not to worry, because installing ground graphics is much simpler than you might think. The following information will help you by providing tips for installing ground graphics for your upcoming social gathering.

Planning & Preparation
Decide where you will place the ground graphic image: Determining where your ground graphic image will be placed is a key component to the entire process. Will you be placing your ground graphic indoors or outdoors? This is very important because if you are going to place your ground graphic image outside, you must take into consideration weather elements, such as rain, heat, wind, and cold weather. In addition, with outdoor events, if your ground graphic is placed on the ground (among other places you can put it) you can expect much more foot traffic, and even vehicular traffic versus having the ground graphic placed indoors. You do not need to concern yourself with any of these potential scenarios, because Asphalt Art, USA, develops a specialized material that enables your ground graphic image to withstand both foot and vehicular traffic. All you have to make sure to do it tell or explain that to the printing company you are using to print your ground graphic image. Also, make sure your printing company uses specialized printing materials from Asphalt Art, USA, because only Asphalt Art can guarantee the type of ground graphic quality that can manage harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, and traffic.

Know how long you plan to have your ground graphic image installed in its soon to be location: Some events are only for a day, while others can be a month long. As you can probably surmise, many factors will play in to how long your ground graphic is placed in its location, such as the type of exposure it will have to certain conditions during its display time. The good news is Asphalt Art, USA carries a variety of products that are specifically prepared for single day exposure, or exposure that will last as long as three months, even longer. Similar to what was described in the previous paragraph, know what your marketing game plan is, and have an idea how long you plan to have your ground graphic image in place. If you’d like to see the various steps of installation, please visit our video gallery.

There are a few other details you may have to iron out in the ground graphic utilization process, all of which though can be done with a simple phone call to Asphalt Art, USA. An Asphalt Art representative will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have lingering to make sure installation of your ground graphic image goes smoothly, and the entire promotional process is as close to perfect as possible.

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