What are the Non Slip Solutions for Businesses?

SafetyFirstConcerning industrial businesses and operational facilities, the safety of the work environment is of primary importance when implementing safety protocol within the workplace. One of the leading causes of accidents at workstations involves employees and workers slipping and falling in a hazardous area located in the facility, usually due to a surface that became slick, likely from a type of liquid or fluid. Slips and falls have, in the past, led to serious injuries, and some of these injuries, although rarely have resulted in the death of a worker. These injuries, and in the rare instances, fatalities almost always involve an expensive lawsuit, which, for obvious public and financial reasons, are not good for a company. Slips and falls happen in workplace daily, therefore, it is of extreme importance to implement safety options that can reduce, prevent, and even eliminate the potential for accidents at work sites. Fortunately, non slip solutions exist for businesses that offer an opportunity to eradicate harmful accidents.

The best way to combat slips and falls at a work site is to outfit your facility with a product that effectively minimizes these kinds of accidents. One of the best non slip solutions to prevent hazard area that induce accidents is non skid safety tape. Jessup Manufacturing offers various types of non skid safety tape, which are made of non slip materials that promise to dramatically reduce the amount of sips and falls in the workplace by creating the necessary friction and traction for improved footing in areas that tend to accumulate condensation and liquids. When non skid safety tape is implemented throughout a work site, especially in areas deemed much more slippery and hazardous, results prove that employee accidents are reduced, more so than any other non slip products offered by other companies.

Jessup Manufacturing offers several types of non slip safety tape that enhances workplace safety by creating improved footing, such as commercial grade non slip tapes and treads, and coarse, heavy duty non slip tapes and treads. Jessup also provides these non slip safety tapes in many different colors, all of which are offered in commercial grade. Jessup’s line of non slip safety tapes are thoroughly tested and have proven resilient in any type of slippery setting, accident prone areas, and bad weather locations. In addition, Jessup offers many different types of applications, such as heavy duty, commercial grade, resilient mid level and coarse, as well as fine grade non slip safety tape, depending on the area you wish to place the non slip solution.

Because Jessup Manufacturing offers many different types on non slip safety tape, you can retrieve additional information on the company’s safety products here. For further information, a Jessup representative can help you evaluate the different kinds of non slip solutions the company offers, allowing you to effectively maximize the safety of your employees working at your facility by identifying the right kind of non slip solution for your business.

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