Practicing Industrial Safety with Non Slip Tapes

JessupFloorSafetyConsider a scenario where a large labor force is operating in a facility with heavy machinery, and because machines and mechanical devices need gasoline, oil, and certain types of lubricants in order to operate properly, as well as cleaning solvents and solutions to maintain consistent and long term functionality, these liquids are occasionally spilt on the ground or floor. The chemicals in these liquids naturally make the fluids slippery, which means that the industrial workers laboring in these facilities are exposing themselves to accidental slips and falls that could lead to a serious injury. Even worse, what if a worker is handling heavy machinery or equipment, and then slips and falls? As ominous as that scenario might sound, it has happened before, and death was the consequential result. A single trip, slip, or fall can be disastrous, and could consequently result in a serious injury, resulting in lawsuits, delays in production, and a weakened labor force.

Although this type of scenario posed above seldom happens, when it does, the consequences can be dire. To assure optimized protection in an industrial facility where workers are laboring in conditions described in the previous paragraph, the industrial facility should be outfitted with slip resistant adhesives, also known as non slip tapes. The advantages of using non slip tapes include the minimization of slips, trips, and falls in an industrial plant where a labor force is working meticulously with heavy, expensive, and dangerous machinery, equipment, and devices, and the conditions are dangerous and require all individuals to be extremely careful at all times. Non slip tapes are an inexpensive way to maximize safety protocol measures in an industrial workplace. Moreover, non slip tapes are simple to place on the floor, making for a quick and easy installation.

The benefits of non slip tapes are not confined to machinery fluids. Non slip tapes reduce slips and falls resulting from an accumulation of condensation on the floor that can be related to weather, internal humidity, and air conditioning. The majority of lawsuits concerning industrial businesses come from workers who have accidentally slipped and injured themselves while operating inside an industrial facility. Those laborers who have experienced serious accidents believe the industrial facility’s owner is the person who should be held liable because optimum safety measures were not in place at the time to warn workers of an increased likelihood of a slip or fall around certain areas of the facility where the floor could be wet and possibly slippery.

Jessup Manufacturing offers an excellent line of non slip tapes, along with many types of slip resistant adhesives that can prevent the accidents described in this blog from ever happening. If you have any questions regarding Jessup’s line of non slip tapes, one of our representatives will be happy to explain to you how the adhesives function, and how your industrial facility can benefit from its implementation.

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