Industrial Safety Products for Safe Evacuation & Egress

Similar to the near catastrophic Boeing 777 plane crash at the San Francisco Airport over the 4th of July holiday weekend, one never knows when an unlikely situation that involves a miniscule chance of disaster ends up becoming a travesty and near devastating event. Reports are stating that the most important reason for the safe evacuation of almost every passenger aboard the plane is because of the safety precautions instilled on the plane and with the crew members. This analogy can be applied to industrial safety products that can be used for safe evacuation and egress.

The comparisons are similar. Nobody expects that a serious problem could occur that calls for the immediate evacuation of a facility, but there have been times, although sparse, where there was a need to move everyone out of a building rapidly, though safely, before an utter calamity strikes. In addition, if that should occur inside a building, whoever is responsible for incorporating the right kind of safety products will want to be able to say the same thing the airline is saying – thank goodness steps were taken to optimize safety features – or else many more people would have met their fate.

The following mentions a couple industrial safety products that can be used to mitigate injury and improve safe evacuation and egress:

Slip and Fall Tape 

 The most frequent occurrence of an accident involves someone slipping and falling when quickly or haphazardly moving from one place to another. A slip and fall might not sound too bad, but unfortunately, the human body is a fragile structure. A slip and fall can seriously debilitate a person, and in a group of people trying to swiftly escape a potentially disastrous area, can cause others harm as well. Slip and fall tapes are easy to install and can help prevent slip and fall accidents by quickly eliminating potentially hazardous areas.


 To promote safe evacuation and egress, one must be able to see the egress. The lamination of industrial safety products makes the material stronger, more durable, and more visible. If you are in a room that has become smoky or dark, and you need to flee immediately before the situation worsens, you will want to be able to see the egress marker, no matter how harsh the conditions have become. Photoluminescent coatings on egress signage can prove life saving in emergencies.

Jessup Manufacturing, an industrial safety manufacturer, will help you choose and  implement the most effective  industrial safety products for the betterment of your workplace safe evacuation and egress design.

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