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The conventional methods of designing and creating industrial safety products saw the focus of manufacturers solely on how to best provide a product that would save lives. Not much focus was placed on the actual ‘secondary’ impact, meaning that even though manufacturers have made a quality industrial safety product, what type of materials were used, and do they harm the environment or even people (which would be an ironic twist – safety products that can harm individuals in different ways). Today, many manufacturers are starting to pay attention to the materials that go in to the industrial safety products, and are now looking to design green building products that will not only help save lives, but are simultaneously ecofriendly.

One of the main problems with older model industrial safety products was that, once they were no longer of use and disposed of, the materials were not biodegradable and would not decompose, and therefore the materials would often emit chemical gases or leak chemical liquids, which would hurt the planet, the ozone, and people who are inhaling these gaseous chemicals. Granted, in the past there was not as much research performed, or information about certain materials that might cause harm, and many manufacturers were ignorant to the negative effects of the materials being used to create industrial safety products. Luckily, manufacturers have much more information at their disposal, and this allows them to implement green building products in their designing.

In the event that you are a building owner or a manufacturer, and you have not incorporated green building products into your design repertoire, but want to do so, one of the best resources you can use is a company called Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has detailed information on green alternative materials, and ecofriendly products that can be used when manufacturing & designing industrial safety products. Jessup can also help you become aware of some of the materials you may be using that you might want to consider retiring, as they are likely harmful to you and to the environment. Jessup professionals are ready to assist you, and help you prepare for your transition into a green alternative future.
Contact Jessup today at (800) 563-1681 for all your custom coating, laminating, converting of industrial safety products. We create products that are durable, effective, cost efficient and environmentally conscious.


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