Improving Industrial Safety for Workers

SafetFirstBuilding owners, industrial facility managers, and manufacturing plant overseers all share a similar concern – accidents that can happen in their location that comes from a slip and fall due to poor traction and / or slippery surfaces. Many of the employee and occupant lawsuits filed against industrial and manufacturing businesses, as well as building owners have to do with accidental slips and falls, because it has been determined that the industrial company, manufacturing business, and building owner did not provide sufficient protection in their locations in areas where safety solutions were needed. Another gripe that leads to a lawsuit also happens when these hazardous locations have no notification present that danger is present, or that people need to be cautious when entering the area.

Lawsuits based on the conditions and unfolding events described in the previous paragraph have been costly to many business owners, industrial companies, and manufacturing businesses all over the world. Consequential outcomes of these lawsuits include hefty fines, labor shutdown, loss of work permit, cost increases, extensive overtime needed to finish projects, firings, workers quitting, and even jail time for the owner. This is why, as it pertains to preventing slips and falls in buildings and working facilities, the need for non slip tapes is paramount to the safety of workers and normal, everyday building occupants.

Improving industrial safety through the implementation of non slip tapes makes every area of your building, manufacturing plant, and industrial facility safer because of the optimum accident prevention solutions now present throughout your accident prone locations. All building owners, as well as manufacturing and industrial labor facilitators are best served to always consider the overall safety measures implemented within their location, as there is no such thing as making an area too protected. Industrial safety and non slip tapes, especially the Safety Track line of non slip tapes presented by Jessup Manufacturing, provide maximum effort in improving the traction of footing, surface friction in slippery areas, and the recognition of hazardous area designations in any location. The hazards brought on by water, condensation, oily substances, cleaning products that cause slippery surfaces, and unrecognizable danger spots in an area are drastically reduced in significance and become much less of a hassle to prevent when a location is outfitted with Safety Track non slip tape by Jessup Manufacturing.

Jessup Manufacturing’s line of Safety Track non slip tape has proven to be a great resource for dramatically reducing and preventing accidental slips and falls, as well as increasing cognizance of risky locations in the workplace, and in large buildings and structures. Whether the prevention of slips and falls is needed, or if people need to be able to better recognize caution zones, there is no better product on the market to accomplish the maximization of safety efforts than Jessup’s Safety Track non slip tape.

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