What are the Typical Industrial Coatings?

industrial coatingsIndustrial coating is the adhering of a topical coating solution that forms, or molds around a substrate in order to enhance, protect, strengthen, and/or revitalize the substrate. In addition, the application of industrial coatings can make the substrate more durable, more rigid or flexible – depending on the need or preference of the client – provide a much longer life cycle, or it can be used to simply add an improved aesthetic to the substrate. To give the reader an idea of how popular and important industrial coating is for parts, metals, components, and materials, in 2013, close to five hundred million gallons of coating solution was sold to industrial organizations, manufacturing businesses, and other companies in need of this type of service. The revenue generated form these sales totaled close to seven billion dollars. What these exorbitant figures indicate is the continue growth and flourishing of industrial coatings, the demand for industrial coatings, and the success rate at which industrial coatings are able to enhance and improve a substrate to the degree needed by its purchasing party.

Businesses and organizations involved in the paint industry make up more than half of the total industrial coatings shipped and purchased in America, each year. The most typical type of coating used in the paint industry involves architectural coatings, where more than six hundred million gallons of coating solutions are shipped every year. The revenue estimates for this amount of shipping totals more than eight billion dollars. Architectural coating solutions are used to add multiple layers of protection to a structure or substrate, enhance the overall look of the structure or substrate, as well as to protect the surfaces of structures, buildings, and housing edifices.

Another typical brand of coating solutions made available to industrial organizations and the general public is called special purpose coating. Special purpose coating solutions consist of a variety of divergent industrial coating solutions. One common characteristic an industrial business will find when utilizing special purpose coating solutions is that the coating is considered “field-applied,” meaning the coating can be successfully applied almost anywhere and in almost any type of condition. Special purpose coating solutions can also be applied in a factory location, meaning the coating is being used in a controlled environment. What makes Special purpose coating solutions so popular is its ability to be applied in various conditions and locations, meaning its simplicity in applicability allows almost anyone the opportunity to use it.

Another feature of special purpose coating is that it can be divided into multiple segments. These segments include automotive refinish coatings, industrial maintenance coatings, marine paint coatings, and traffic marking paint coatings. Each of these types of coatings have unique and specialized features involved, and cater toward a specific industrial application, as you can probably guess just be reading the names of these coating solutions.

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