Industrial Coating Business Services

Laminator2Businesses that serve industrial companies by providing specialized coating services usually provide certain types of customized coating that is regularly needed. The three most prominent coating services offered by businesses are industrial coatings, architectural coatings, and special purpose coatings.

Industrial coating involves the application of coating at the moment when industrial parts are being manufactured. Industrial coating appends a layered element to industrial parts, metals, components, and materials that can make the product that is being enhanced stronger, much more durable, have better longevity, and aesthetically augmented. Last year alone, close to five hundred million gallons of industrial coatings were purchased by clients desperately needing industrial coating services, with an estimated sales value of approximately seven billion dollars. These lofty figures should tell the reader two key truths: first, every industrial business needs some kind of industrial coating services. Second, the provisioning of industrial coating services can prove very profitable for a business that can successfully provide specialized industrial coating services.

Architectural coatings is a popular type of coating service among the paint industry, as it makes up close to half of the total specialized coatings produced in the United States each year. Early on in this current decade, the paint industry alone shipped as much as six hundred and fifty million gallons of architectural coatings, which boasted an approximated value of roughly nine billion dollars. Architectural coatings can be used to add fasten additional layers on top of an industrial part, metal, materials, and / or component in order to increase or improve durability, along with the beautification of the industrial product, so the surfaces of homes, public buildings, offices, and factories can be protected from harsh conditions. Because the use of paint is inexpensive and relatively easy to use, it is estimated that nearly half of the national paint purchases are bought and used by “do-it-yourself” customers, thereby increasing the general need for architectural coatings.

Special purpose coatings cover many areas, and several different kinds divergent coating services. Special purpose coatings that are offered by businesses will most likely be “field-applied,” meaning it can be added in almost any location, rather than being applied specifically in a factory location. Of the three major classifications of coatings offered by businesses, special purpose coatings represent the smallest segment of industrial coating services. Special purpose coating can be divided into the following major sub-segments, all of which serve different purposes and are custom handled by business for industrial companies: Automotive refinish coatings, industrial maintenance coatings, marine paints, and marking paint.

Jessup Manufacturing Company has been a Market Leader in Custom Coating and Laminating of Flexible Substrates for over 50 years.

Whether we contract coat your substrate materials, or supply you a finished product, we offer high performance solutions to your converting requirements. Our diverse coating lines allow us to direct coat or transfer coat solvent and aqueous adhesive solutions on most flexible substrates. Take advantage of our vast library of adhesive systems, experience with a wide variety of substrate materials, and sophisticated coating equipment to solve your adhesive coating and laminating needs. We offer technical leadership, excellent service, quality and competitive pricing as we help develop and manufacture your products.

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