Photoluminescent Hospital Exit Signs & Sustainability

Photoluminescent Hospital Exit Signs & Sustainability

A hospital environment has specific necessities to ensure each patient receives the best care. The measures put into place to protect individuals in the event of an emergency are equally important. Your health care facility is required by law to appropriately sign each:

  • Exit Point
  • Safety Area
  • Egress Path
  • Piece of Fire Equipment
  • Obstacle

Visible signing allows every resident, worker, or visitor in your facility to identify the safest route during an evacuation. Traditional signing methods have an impact on the environment and this has caused a change in the materials and laminating properties of these products. Building owners are continuously seeking ways to incorporate sustainability practices in their structures to become more environmentally responsible. Incandescent lighted identifiers are common place among many hospital structures; however, they pose safety risks in situations where electricity is cut off or thick smoke is present. A sound backup battery or generator can fail to operate at the most inconvenient time and this causes a building to be completely dark. Customary metal signing used to direct individuals along an evacuation route will not be of much use in these situations. Self-luminous hospital exit signs offer an affordable sustainability measure for avoiding this type of scenario.

Testing the Effectiveness of Signing Products

Photoluminescent hospital exit signs provide the most reliability during any type of emergency. The bright glow they emit when a building darkens allows for visibility at times when alternative options simply do not work. Choosing these over typical alternatives ensures a reliable aid is supplied to every person occupying the structure. They assist with the evacuation process by offering a visible source and preventing panic situations that could lead to injury. Products in this market do vary making it essential to verify the amount of luminance provided and how their glow is affected by surrounding conditions before choosing a signing provider. You can perform a quick test by placing sample merchandise of equivalent dimensions in a darkened room with five inches between each one to determine photoluminescent effectiveness.

The signing or alternative testing item should be activated for a minimum of five minutes with the application of fluorescent light. Create a completely dark room and then observe their performance for approximately ten minutes. Do they lose color quickly or remain within the same quality as time progresses? If they dim within a few minutes, their performance will not be acceptable in emergency situations. Leave the dark room for about an hour and then return to evaluate luminosity. Enter from the same atmosphere to prevent light from causing longer visual adjustment. Those offering minimal visibility should not be considered as a building safety item.

Photoluminescent hospital exit signs are a great choice for promoting sustainability in your facility; however, they must also be reliable to ensure proper exit in the event of an emergency. You can perform this short test to make certain the selected product will supply necessary results in a real situation. A reliable product can be installed for decreased energy and resource consumption. GloBrite Eco Exit signing meets standard building codes and is a proactive choice for accomplishing facility sustainability goals.

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