Jessup Manufacturing


Adhesive coating, laminating, converting

Grit, resilient, and vinyl non-slip materials are a Jessup specialty.

Jessup is a manufacturer of adhesive coated films that go into commercial, industrial, and consumer products. We make a wide range of materials to provide ingenious and efficient solutions for diverse business challenges. Our customers come from many industries, including manufacturing, safety, defense, transportation, construction, graphics and action sports.


Our manufacturing technology

High tech coaters, slitters, lasers, die-cutters, and printers ensure high quality. We have top talent working for you too. All Jessup employees make it their business to know your objectives and projects, and how you like things done. For us, your project is personal.


Experts in adhesives and photoluminescence

Jessup chemists and engineers design and test your product in a state-of- the-art laboratory. We use full use of technology—chemistry, engineering, test equipment, industrial automation, computing, and data analytics– to make the best possible product for your application. Jessup is also a recognized leader in the science and application of adhesives and photoluminescent materials.