Where is the Best Place to get Ground Graphics?

wayfinding4There are two different ways to approach answering the posed title question correctly, because there is a difference between getting ground graphics created for your marketing company, advertising, agency, and or business, and acquiring the necessary materials, products, and components that offer the best ground graphics art imagery. In the following paragraph, this blog post will discuss the best way to ensure finding a location that provides excellent ground graphic solutions. The final paragraph will discuss the necessary resources to obtain the look, color, shape, and appeal that should always be associated with the creating of ground graphic advertising solutions.

The first thing a marketing agency should do, if it has indeed chosen to go with ground graphics as its new marketing tool, is to contact local printing companies, and ask if they provide the necessary operational ability to develop this art form. Because ground graphics is considered a specialized advertising solutions development process, due to the necessary aspects needed to design and print out a ground graphic art image, not all printing companies will offer this kind of service. However, once you do locate a printing company that does offer ground graphic printing services, you can delve into discussion regarding exactly what it is your business wishes to accomplish with the finished product: color scheme, size, the type of paper on which to print (based on exact location and indoor or outdoor use), shape, and longevity. Once these lines of questioning is answered by the printing company, you will have a better idea of whether the company can design, develop, and print out, in exact detail, what it is you want and expect once the final product is complete. The last issue your business needs is a finished product that does not fit the bill for what it is you were hoping to have, which means you could be wasting money and facing delays in marketing releases, especially if you are under a time commitment or specific deadline.

Part of the line of questioning you should ask the printing company, if it does in fact offer ground graphic printing solutions, is where they get materials for designing and developing the art imagery. This is important because there are only a select few places that provide the necessary components and materials that guarantee optimum graphic imagery, with Asphalt Art USA being one of the places. Asphalt Art provides printing companies the best materials and solutions to create top quality ground graphics, including various types of specialized paper, which the use of will be determined by how exactly you plan to use the ground graphic. Asphalt Art’s specialized paper comes in anti slip, non slip, and slip resistant surfaces, and will adhere to almost any type floor or ground. In addition, the paper is treated wit a special coating, meaning it can withstand days, weeks, even months of harsh weather conditions and foot traffic, in the event that you plan to use the ground graphic outside.

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