New Beer Marketing Trends for Microbreweries – Ground Graphics

beverage advertisingOf the countless industries that would benefit from implementing ground graphics into a new marketing campaign, one of the most prominent examples would have to be the beverage industry, especially microbreweries. Beer consumers tend to identify most with visual advertising, whether it be a picture of a fresh looking and thirst quenching beer being consumed in the extreme heat of summer, or a hot little number clad in a skimpy bikini holding a beer. Whatever the consumer proclivity for advertising imagery is as it pertains to beer marketing techniques, image is king. Asphalt Art would like to introduce to you an idea for a new beer marketing trend that keeps the consistently successful use of imagery, but with a different type of application to which you might not be accustomed. Microbreweries need to start using ground graphic imagery to further promote its selection of beers.

For instance, Asphalt Art would like to take the imagery associated with beer marketing trends, and place it on the ground of an event hosted by a microbrewery. Social events and gatherings are usually the preferred choice when introducing a new beer because, well, beer is usually consumed at a social gathering with a celebratory or party atmosphere. So, during your microbrewery’s next celebration that introduces a newly crafted beer, try using ground graphic art to further advertise the new beverage. The vibrant and lifelike images that can be designed, printed, and placed on the ground will surely appeal to the masses, leaving a lasting impression they will remember the following morning when they wake up from their slumber. Because the key is repeat business, a new beer marketing trend for microbreweries will only last as long as the trend is persistently advertised. Ground graphics will go a long way to ensure that people remember the name of the microbrewery, and the name of the beer recently introduced in your new marketing trend.

Asphalt Art is one of the most trusted sources of obtaining magnificent ground graphic material. Their Asphalt Art ground graphics can be applied to virtually any surface for indoor and outdoor use. The ground graphic can be any size, and can be even developed with three-dimensional techniques, then printed on an adhesive backing and ready to be placed on the ground of the upcoming promotional gala. If you are a part of a microbrewery’s advertising design team, you would serve yourself well by reaching out to an Asphalt Art representative, and learning how ground graphics can best serve your marketing campaign needs. A new beer marketing trend can be feast or famine, so make sure you achieve the former and not the latter by incorporating ground graphics in your next marketing campaign.

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