Ground Graphics are the Latest in New Retail Display Ideas

visual13For retail businesses, the pressure is always on to find new, interesting, and inciting ideas to attract potential shoppers into your store. This is especially true for brick and mortar retail stores, which have seen revenue and profits drop lately because more people are going to the Internet to do their shopping. The sharp increase of people shopping online hurts brick and mortar retail stores several ways:

  1. Less foot traffic is seen in brick and mortar retail stores, and some of the foot traffic are people viewing products in the store to get an idea of whether they like the product, but purchasing it online because more often they can find it cheaper on the internet.
  2. Brick and mortar retail stores have had to drop prices, offer discounts, and offer reduced or free shipping to compete with online retail businesses, which do not have to pay for a physical location, allowing them to offer products at reduced prices. Even though they stay competitive with their prices by lowering them, revenue is lost and profit margins are lower.
  3. It is difficult for brick and mortar retail stores to match the convenience of shopping online, forcing physical retail stores that can afford it to create an online presence and offer online selling. Creating an online retail presence is an expensive investment, but one of the few ways to compete against Internet retailers.

As you can see, when brick and mortar stores do get foot traffic into their stores, they need to make most of the opportunity, One way to get the most out of potential shoppers in your store is to advertise products in your store with fascinating and engaging marketing displays. One method that has been proving quite successful is the implementation of ground graphics, which have become the latest popular new retail display ideas for many brick and mortar retail stores that have found its utilization very helpful. Ground graphics essentially allows the retail store to create an engaging display for a specific product, which advertises the product in such a way that it becomes even more enticing for shoppers to purchase before leaving the store. In fact, brick and mortar retail stores that decided to incorporate the use of ground graphics have successfully increased the number of purchases of the product that was on display on the ground graphic design.

As a retail store manager, you might be concerned with the cost of investing in this kind of display advertising. Not to worry, as ground graphics are quite inexpensive, especially when compared to other forms of display advertising. In addition, ground graphics are easy to place on almost all surfaces, and are just as simple to remove. The ground graphic is also quite durable, meaning you do not have to worry about the image fading or smudging with all the foot traffic it will bring in and surely walk across it when going to get the product on display in the ground graphic. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing you made a financially small investment that will most likely garner a huge return on investment, and increase the number of purchases made of your advertised product.

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