Ground Graphic Services from Design to Application

ground graphic servicesGround graphic services involves the art of designing a digitally rendered image through computer aided design (CAD) software, and then printing the image to be used for a promotional event. Obviously, this is the short story of how this incredible, yet tedious technique is conducted. It is time to thoroughly breakdown how this process happens.

The customer or client needs to have a specific idea that can be conveyed to the group responsible for designing the image on computer aided design (CAD) software that can develop images. The designer of the image will then go to work, drafting the likeness on the software program to match the concept devised by the client. Once the group has completed the design, the client will have a chance to look at the digitally rendered image in extraordinary detail on the software, and either request changes to the image, or approve the image as is. Once the image has been agreed on, it is time to enter the next phase.

The digitally rendered image now needs to be printed out. This can be quite cumbersome because this image can be very large, incredibly detailed, and will need specialized adhesive backing in order to stick to whatever the backdrop will be. The issue of customized or specialized printing is what usually separates companies that offer ground graphics services, as some can perform all the needs in-house, while others cannot handle certain printing requests. If you are fortunate enough to use a company that can print any type of image you want, even a three dimensional (3D) image, then you will not have to look anywhere else. Companies such as Asphalt Art will have printing hardware and components that can materialize a digitally rendered ground graphic design of any size and shape, on material that can withstand foot traffic and wet conditions, will include the necessary adhesive backing that will stick to any surface, and can be rendered three dimensionally.

Once you have the digitally designed ground graphic image created and printed, then you can have a professional company, like Asphalt Art, adhere the image to the ground surface, floor, steps, stairwell, or wall – whatever your choosing. It is recommended you seek a company that can perform the entire service, as it can be quite complicated, time consuming, and even more expensive to find several different outfits to provide the necessary details to complete the total design and application process of using ground graphics to promote an idea, brand, or logo at a social gathering or event.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Asphalt Art can perform all the necessary steps to utterly complete ground graphic services from design to application. Browse the Asphalt Art gallery for examples of the company’s impressive work; and when you are ready, make contact, and allow a professional to help you with your advertising and marketing needs.

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