Creative Advertising News – Ground Graphics

SGIAExpo2In our ubiquitous technology world, there are so many methods of transmitting information from one location to another, or from one person to another, there is actually a feeling by many people nowadays of being too inundated with how the outside world is connected to our self. However, if you were to ask a marketing executive or advertising agency if our world is filled with too many ways of funneling information to people, they would probably grin and say “give me more.” Our current technological age of digital transference has been a great resource for marketers and advertising agencies because it provides an incredible number of pathways of reaching target audiences. However, there is much backlash coming back from the public, where many are saying that too much useless information comes their way, and there is a concern that private information is being divulged to advertising companies that flood people with worthless advertisements. Many say what marketing executives should start focusing on is creating relevant advertising news that people will enjoy instead of bombarding people with what is often seen as trashy ads and questionable methods of obtaining personal information. One way to develop creative advertising news is through the use of ground graphics.

Sporting events, music festival, social gatherings, and many different kinds of outdoor activities are growing in popularity, as more people prefer to be out and about among friends, acquaintances, and just a general audience to soak in fun filled festivities and people watch. When people gather for an event, it is always for a specific purpose; therefore, marketers should start targeting these events and incorporate creative advertising news related to the purpose of the event. This is where the use of ground graphics would be clutch. Ground graphics are a brilliant way to create advertisements that are not only pertinent to the nature or cause of the event, but its unbelievable use of state of the art graphic technology to create an awesome, detailed image will grab the attention of everyone in attendance. All who comes across the image will be left with a lasting impression throughout the rest of the day, into the evening, and in the morning when they waken. This method of creative advertising news reaches a much larger portion of a target audience than email spam and unsolicited mailers, plus it is very cost effective.

Ground graphic materials can be obtained from companies, such as Asphalt Art. The images are designed with a specialized computer software, they can be any size and shape, and then are printed on Asphalt Art products which have a special adhesive backing that will stick to the ground of an event. The ground graphic can be placed indoors or outdoors, and on almost any type of surface. To further explain the development process of ground graphics, you should contact Asphalt Art, a company thought of as one of the pioneers of ground graphic artwork. An Asphalt Art representative will explain to you their design and method, and tell you exactly how a ground graphic image can be used to your advantage at your next event.

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