Are there Different Types of Ground Graphics?

wayfinding7The type of application planned for your ground graphic decal, such as the location, the type of surface to which it will be adhered, whether it will be placed inside or outside, what type of water exposure will there be, if any, et cetera, will determine the kind of ground graphic you company should go with. The information below will provide a summation regarding what type of ground graphic image you should use, based on the circumstances surrounding the event.

For outside use, using a ground graphic with aluminum foil consisting of glass bead non-slip coating, with an adhesive backing would be best. This type of ground graphic is perfect for sidewalks, as well as concrete, asphalt, brick, and pavement compositions. This kind of ground graphic is designed to handle wear and tear that stems from foot and vehicle traffic. In addition, neither lamination, nor a heat gun is required for this type of ground graphic, as it is very conformable, and easy to install and remove.

There is a “Sport Walk” line of ground graphics, which consists of a white textured vinyl with adhesive backing, and is mostly used for short term outside graphic art that will be placed on a smooth surface. No lamination is needed. The Sport Walk edition of ground graphic art is optimal for resisting wear and tear from pedestrian traffic for at least one week, under moderate temperature conditions. Therefore, depending on how long you want the ground graphic to last, a simple one day or weekend event would be perfect for using the Sport Walk option. If your event is going to be a week, or longer, another option might be more suitable.

The “Cat Walk” edition consists of a white, textured vinyl fused with a removable adhesive for short to medium term inside ground graphic use, and it requires no lamination. This Cat Walk ground graphic is optimal for locations that tend to get wet, such as around a pool or pool deck, shower areas, and saunas. What makes the Cat Walk great is it has a moderate durability time of up to three months, so it can be used for a quick weekend event, or for a seasonal event. A similar type of ground graphic to the Cat Walk is the Clear Walk edition, which is made of the same materials as the Cat Walk, but instead has a clear textured vinyl, where the Cat Walk has the white textured vinyl.

Another option regarding ground graphics is the “Tex Walk,” which is a white, textured vinyl with a fabric-like, adhesive back that can be repositioned many times, if need be. Similar to the other ground graphics options, the Tex Walk does not need lamination. The Tex Walk is ideal for an inside carpet, painted surfaces, metal surfaces, wood floors, and walls. The Tex Walk ground graphics usually last for up to a month on an inside floor surface.

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