Amusement Parks Fight Line Frustration with Interactive Experiences

amusement-park-graphicsAmusement parks around the country struggle to keep their attendees happy while they wait in long lines. As this New York Times article reports, Disney even has a command center in Disney World to monitor line lengths around the park and help keep people entertained as lines grow longer. For example, if a line on a particular ride gets too long, the command center might send some of Disney’s characters like Captain Hook or Donald Duck over to entertain people as they wait.

Another innovative solution is interactive encounters. You may have seen such setups at your local mall or at an amusement park. One way for these encounters to work is for an actor to wear a motion sensor suit and watch a monitor of people passing by a large screen. The actor will then call out to passersby, have a silly conversation with them, and thereby create an experience that is unexpected and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Other displays keep things simpler by setting up a system like an Xbox Kinect attached to a large screen so that everyone who passes by the camera will suddenly see themselves on screen in a new destination like a desert island or a snowy wonderland.

Innovative amusement park ground graphics can make such displays even more effective. Floor and wall graphics can be used to redesign the area around the screen, helping it blend into its surroundings or making it feel like a window into a different world. Great ground graphics can help guide people to such displays, providing park wayfinding that is not only helpful, but imaginative and engaging.

If you’re interested in a lower tech solution for your park, graphics themselves can be engaging. You can lay down creative graphics in lines for rides that provide everyone passing over them with games to play. For example, you can lay down foot patterns that teach people new dances, or you can create a seemingly 3-D image that makes it appear as though there is a giant hole in the ground or some other fun, engaging obstacle.

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