How Are Ground Decals Being Used at Bike Races?

ground-decalsCycling has had quite the Renaissance over the last five or so years. As we’ve all tried to focus more on being green, people across the country have remembered just how much fun it is to strap on a helmet and take a ride on their bikes. As a result, bike races like centuries and half centuries have been extremely popular around the nation, and smart advertisers have taken note. If you’re thinking about sponsoring a bike race, consider these ways that you can create a positive impression of your brand with ground decals.

From Start to Finish
Ground decals printed on material like SportWalk are a fun and effective way to mark the beginning and end of a race path. Beautifully printed start and finish lines are also an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand. If you think about it, the most photographed locations along the entire path are likely to be the start and finish lines. If you can print these lines with your logo, your brand is likely to end up in pictures shared on social media for weeks.

Path Markings
In cycling, having a clearly marked route is extremely important. At a marathon, the fastest that anyone’s going to run is less than 15 mph. But at a bike race, cyclist frequently exceed 35 mph, and sometimes go much faster. That’s why proper route arrows along the ground and on any nearby walls are important for keeping riders safe and on track.

Added Information
At cycling races it’s common to have booths set up along the race path that provide water, repair bikes, and offer medical aid. Ground decals that include your company logo can be used to help alert racers when such amenities are coming up. They can also be used to safely point racers off the track and into the booth at each stop.

Another great use of ground decals at bike races is the occasional motivational boost. Your company can be a bit playful here, creating graphics that share silly jokes with riders, proffer a motivational quote, or tell them precisely how far they have gone. Any opportunity to give cyclists a smile and a second wind along the way will be a positive experience of your brand that those racers are unlikely to soon forget.

Planning to incorporate ground decals at an upcoming bike race? Take the time to request a free sample pack of Asphalt Art today. With our products, you can print any custom graphic onto the print media and apply it to ground and/or wall surfaces, which is perfect for showcasing advertisements and sponsorships.

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