Can Ground Decals be Eco Friendly?

entfernung-folie-103_0994By now, you have probably gathered a plethora of information regarding ground decals, including, how they are designed, implemented, their advantages, as well as where and how they can be used. What this blog site has not covered so much, to date, is whether ground decals are safe and eco friendly. Asphalt Art, USA, is happy to announce that, specialized printing companies that acquire its customized printing materials and components that are used to print ground decals from our company, are amassing products for its clients that are indeed eco friendly. Asphalt Art’s line of printing paper used for the printing of ground decals are made of materials and fabrics that in no way harm, or put in danger the environment, or the people who are in close proximity or come into direct contact with the materials. Furthermore, the ground decals, when adhered to outside surfaces, such as cement, asphalt, brick, cobblestone, pavement, concrete, et cetera, do not corrode, or commence any destructive properties upon these surfaces. Plus, their most versatile product asphalt art, which bears the company’s name, is 100% recyclable upon removal.

The exclusion of corrosive properties in Asphalt Art’s printing materials and components is important to keep in mind. There are companies out there that are trying to emulate Asphalt Art’s method of ground decal provisioning, but might be using materials and components that do not easily detach from the surface, once it is time to remove the promotional ground decal (unlike Asphalt Art’s specialized printing materials, which are simple to remove). Sticky residue from the adhesive properties and specialized printing paper could prove damaging to the placement surface over time, and could possibly blemish, or even worse, ruin the surface. The makeup of the materials used to create the specialized printing materials could be corrosive, so, even if the adhesive on the ground decal was removed without incident, the damage could have already been done, as the corrosive components may have already attached itself to the surface, and could erode the surface over time, even as long as years.

When going through a printing company that orders its specialized ground decal printing paper form Asphalt Art, USA, you can rest easy knowing that the printing paper is one hundred percent eco friendly. The printing paper will in no way negatively affect the surface on which it will be placed, not will it harm the environment, or the people who are there enjoying the aesthetic quality of the ground decal. Please feel free to contact Asphalt Art, USA, and a representative will be happy to go over the eco friendly qualities of our ground decals in more detail. You can also visit the Asphalt Art, USA gallery to view more learn more about the different types of printing materials the company creates, based on the way the client is planning to place the ground decal.

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