What is Ground Advertising?

There is a new type of marketing resource that is taking the advertising industry by storm, and you probably would not be able to guess what it involves, even if you were given a hundred chances. With so many different variations of promoting and branding products that revolves around similar, tired ideas that have been spun countless times, innovative marketers are thinking outside the box and making a push for a radical, yet highly effective marketing method that is grabbing the attention of people when they are exposed to the incredible idea. This new age form of advertising is known as ground advertising.

Huh? What did you say? Can you run that by mean again? Yes, ground advertising, and you are probably way off base with AAUwhatever it is you might be thinking at the moment. Maybe not. Once thing is for sure is that you are likely asking yourself: what is ground advertising? Ground advertising is the development of graphical imagery content designed and created digitally – possibly with CAD (Computer Aided Design) software on a computer. Once the design has been created to a perfect liking, the image is then printed on special adhesive backing. Once this process is complete, the artwork can then be placed on the ground at any type of event you wish it to be placed. For the most part, the type of ground does not matter, as it can be indoor flooring such as tile, linoleum, or it can be outdoor ground such as pavement, concrete, asphalt, tar, brick, and stone. Essentially, ground advertising involves the promotion and branding of an idea, company, image, person, etc., through digitally aided art that can be placed on the ground for an indoor or outdoor event.

If you happen to be thinking that marketing gurus and advertising executives have gone too far in their pursuit of new and innovative methods of promoting products, think again. Ground advertising is gaining steam at a rapid rate. The next time you participate in an outdoor event, like a race or a company party, look around, and you will likely see examples of ground advertising. Its growth can be connected to the success marketing campaigns have experienced when implementing this strategy, which is why more and more companies are turning to ground advertising as a sleek and original new way to advertise and promote at an event.

If you want to speak to a professional regarding ground advertising, it is recommended to contact Asphalt Art. Asphalt Art is a purveyor of designing and printing outdoor graphic images that can be used for ground advertising purposes. Simply check out their website, and you will see numerous examples of ground advertising put to use in a successful manner. Asphalt Art can help you design, print, and attach the image to whatever canvas you choose. Then, all you have to do is sit back and watch as the attendees at your event stare in awe of your awesome ground artwork that will surely leave an impression.

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