Unique Advertising Ideas – Working from the Ground Up

Every day, marketing executives are racking their brain hoping to come up with the newest, “latest and greatest,” and innovative way to advertise and promote a brand. In our current digital age and the ever present technological boom – where it seems every day some new product is being devised to become the latest game changer – most marketing executives are exhausting their marketing ideas on what can be created digitally and placed on the world wide web. Obviously, the digital age provides a wealth of resources and reaches a large audience, but is rendered ineffective for some social events, especially outdoor gatherings. If you need a fresh perspective on how to offer unique advertising ideas, why not work from the ground up and use outdoor event graphics, which will open plenty of new advertising opportunities and possibilities right under your feet, literally.

Asphalt Art is a company that provides outdoor graphics for businesses preparing to host a type of event that will gather a large audience or to be placed in strategic locations to reach a wide and diverse audience that might not otherwise have brand awareness. These graphics can be placed on the ground, on stone, cement, pavement, and even brick, and will highlight your event, product, message while supporting your brand to increase awareness. Examples of events that could use the unique graphic design abilities of which marketers can take advantage include distance running events (marathons, 5 and 10k races, and mud runs), music concerts, NASCAR and other professional sports car races, community picnics, church gatherings – the possibilities are numerous. Simply peruse the Asphalt Art website to see how detailed, colorful, and realistic the images are, even when placed on a medium that is not normally considered an ideal graphic location.

Temporary floor advertising graphics features a glass bead non-slip texture that can be printed on and then immediately applied to a floor surface. The ground graphic design can last for several months, even up to a year, AABlogImage2 if need be, and can withstand a ton of heavy foot traffic, even vehicle traffic. If you only need the graphic to be placed on a floor surface area for an evening, with immediate removal the following day, the advertising graphics provided by Asphalt Art are easy to remove. Go ahead and contact Asphalt Art to learn more about their ground graphic arts, and begin creating unique advertising ideas for all participants to enjoy, as well as to implement awesome brand recognition.



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