Three Ways Ground Advertising Will Make your Next Event

Due to the worldwide turnout of electronics showcase events that bring people from technology companies all over the world and are covered by almost every multinational media group, showcasing events have become a huge trend in almost every industry. The success of these events do not solely have to do with the exposure and coverage, these events are incredibly fun to attend and allows people involved in the tech industry to branch out and meet new people, making contacts and brainstorming new and innovative ideas concerning the next “latest and greatest” development. milano-017

The notions and ideas mentioned above do not solely apply to the technology industry, it is merely an example of how wonderful events can be, and the technology boom the world is experiencing is the most globally recognized at the moment. The preparation for these events are fastidious and exhaustive, to be sure, but you can bet the marketing and advertising agencies go all out in their preparation and set up at these events because the competition to have the best looking showroom is cutthroat. The pressure is on to have the sleekest looking arrangement of promotional materials at the events. One aspect that should be considered is the use of ground advertising. Ground advertising involves the use a graphic imagery designed and then printed, and placed on the ground for people to see. Below, you will find three reasons how ground advertising will make your event.

Rare occurrences of awesome artwork, especially when placed on a difficult medium such as the ground, leave a lasting impression. Graphic floor imagery can be designed and printed with remarkable detail that can match any other type of artistic medium. It can be any size and shape, and tailored to fit anywhere on the ground. Because people do not expect to find fabulous artwork on the ground, they are often surprised and amazed when viewing such a beholding sight. Ground advertising will surely leave a lasting impression that viewers will take with them for days.

Innovation is everything. Though ground advertising is gaining popularity, it has not become the huge hit that it should be, especially with the kind of success and positive track record it has. No matter what type of display people have at a showcase event, if it is the same unimaginative, tired set up the other dozen kiosks have had, people will likely ignore and pass by, or merely give it a faint look followed by a shrug. Innovate, people; just ask Google and Apple about innovation. Dare to be different, and impress onlookers with ground advertising.

Clout. When people witness awesome marketing and advertising techniques pulled off effectively, they associate the business that employed the techniques with success. When you hire marketers and advertisers, this idea is exactly what you want to accomplish with your investment. With ground advertising, you can make your next event a monumental success with all who attend.


Asphalt Art USA can print ground graphics to be installed indoor or outdoor on virtually any wet or dry surface. Browse our gallery for examples of our work or contact us for more information.

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