Parking Garage Advertising Made Easy with Ground Graphics

wallfloor3If you have ever attended a concert, music festival, or sporting event, then you know that the most guaranteed scenario of attending a popular event is that tens of thousands of people are going to need parking. Parking lots and parking garages are flooded with vehicles and attendees of the event almost all day long. In fact, one of the most popular aspects of attending a popular event happens before the event even starts – the pre game, otherwise known as tailgating. Tailgating involves the arrival of people many hours before the event begins in order to socialize with others, and it always involves eating plenty of food and consuming beverages. People saunter from one spot to the next, spectate, take pictures, or merely set up a tent or canopy and hangout in their own parking lot. Tailgating becomes a huge social gathering well before anyone enters the stadium that is hosting the event. There is a single common denominator that exists to tailgating: it occurs in a parking lot or parking garage. Because of this fact, business owners, sports franchise owners, event planning coordinators, and stadium owners should perceive tailgating in parking lots and parking garages as an advertising opportunity to place an appealing promotional ad in this location so a loitering mass of people will take notice of it.

One of the most beneficial aspects of advertising in a parking garage through the use of ground graphics is these garages are enormous, there are several of them, and they surround the stadium, making it impossible to oversaturate this marketing space opportunity with ground graphics. Promotional ads designed with ground graphics can adhere to the ground, and can withstand all of the foot and vehicular traffic it will endure throughout the entire day. Ground graphics are printed on a high performance adhesive paper that will secure the graphic to almost any type of outside surface. Moreover, ground graphics will not smear, blur, stain, or fade from food and beverage spillage, foot and vehicular traffic, or from compromising weather conditions. If the event is longer than a day, or is prolonged for several days or even weeks, ground graphics – when enhanced with a protective laminate – can last for months, if need be, no matter what the conditions are, which includes inclement weather.

Ground graphics are perfect for parking garage advertising. Parking garages have been one of the most successful advertising locations for ground graphics because it offers such an advantageous location that provides abundant space to utilize advertisements to reach a large audience. If you are with an advertising agency, and are working on a marketing campaign involving an event similar to what has been described in this blog, use ground graphics, and take total advantage of the size and space allotted in parking garages.

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