Art Graphic Printing Hits the Streets

guerilla6You may or might not be aware of the huge surge in graffiti art, as many artist who have a proclivity for the graffiti art form have given credence to its stylistic impressions by creating unbelievable imagery that impresses even the most hardened skeptics and antagonists of graffiti art, who remain steadfast regarding the law against graffiti art. However, there is another type of art form hitting the streets, and this method of artwork is legal and just as impressive as graffiti art. Through the innovation of a company called Asphalt Art USA, art graphic printing is now available to be applied to virtually any surface, including the pavement on your street. These ground graphics are the latest form of art adhesives and they are taking the marketing and advertising industry by storm. Art graphic printing involves the design of images on a computer through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software. Once the image has been created to the liking of the customer, the computer graphic design can then be printed, at any shape and size, through specialized printing services onto paper with a customized adhesive backing. Once the printing is complete, the new art graphic is ready to placed on the street, literally!

Art graphic printing is so special and unique because it is not limited to being placed on a wall. Art graphics by Asphalt Art can be placed on the floor, ground, ceiling, wall, staircase, or stairwell. In addition, the image can be designed to be either two dimensional or three dimensional, based on the client’s desire. This process creates a one of a kind image that cannot be replicated by any other medium or art form, art graphic printing is truly a method of art that is unparalleled by anything else. The reason why most marketing and advertising agencies are salivating at utilizing this art form for their design strategies is because art graphic printing is perfect for advertising at social gatherings, music concerts, sporting events, or any type of public gathering, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Asphalt Art is an innovators of art graphic printing. The company has mastered the skill of the art form, as you can bear witness to from the examples posted on the website. If you can think it up, Asphalt Art can help you get your image it on practically anything you want. All you have to do is contact Asphalt Art, and one of their professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding this art technique, including how art graphic printing can best serve your intended purpose.

As stated earlier, art graphic printing has hit the streets with a thunder, growing in popularity and respect not only as a terrific marketing and advertising tool, but also a respected art form. Asphalt Art would be happy to assist you or your company in the design of your next outstanding art graphic marketing tool. An Asphalt Art professional is standing by; ready to show you the true essence of art graphic printing.

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