What is Grip Tape?

Grip tape is the best way to ensure the minimization of accidents that involve slips, trips, and falls in any location, especially the workplace. Grip tape can attach itself to any type of material with its adhesive backing, and will act as a type of friction to reduce slippery spots. As it pertains to locations with a lot of foot traffic, grip tape will improve the traction on the ground, especially in areas that become slippery due to liquid or condensation that can accumulate on the ground (think restrooms, doorways, and flooring in close proximity to air conditioning units. To help create a visualization of what grip tape looks like, think of skateboards. Skateboards have two spots on the top of the deck where skaters place their feet that kind of looks like dark sandpaper. Those two spots are adhered grip tape to help skaters keep their footing, especially when performing acrobatic stunts that require quick and jerky body movements. As skateboarders swear by the usefulness of grip tape, the same need and benefit can be attained when installing grip tape throughout your building in locations where it is most needed.

Grip tape is an inexpensive product, especially when considering how effective the product is when minimizing accidental slips, Grip Tapetrips, and falls, which can consequently lead to serious injuries and lawsuits. Grip tape is also quite easy to install – simply remove the backing to reveal a sticky adhesive, which then can be placed virtually anywhere throughout your building, against any object or flooring. It would be silly for building owners to continue to expose themselves to potential litigation concerning locations known for slippery grounds, especially when a preventive measure such as grip tape is so easy to purchase and use. The success rate regarding the reduction of accidents, coupled with the extremely low overhead involved in purchasing the product, makes the need for grip tape an imperative.

GloBrite Systems is involved with the providing of protection products for commercial businesses that need to incorporate levels of safety that pass federal regulation. An integral part of GloBrite’s safety arsenal is grip tape. If you feel as though you need more information regarding grip tape, you should feel free to contact GloBrite, and a professional will be happy to assist your needs and answer your questions. You can also reach out to GloBrite should you want to purchase grip tape, as the company is one of the leading sellers of this safety product.

Grip tape is simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, perfect for optimizing safety protocol, and easy to install. Why delay any longer in maximizing the safety of your building? Contact GloBrite, and get the safety products you need to ensure the occupants of your building have the ultimate protection items in place so you can rest easy knowing everyone is out of harm’s way.

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