Peel and Stick Grip Tape is Suitable for Meeting Various Adhesion Needs

peel and stick grip tapesPeel and stick grip tape is often associated with the deck of a skateboard or for fortifying a hockey stick, but in reality it has far more purposes with one of the most important being work safety. While it is true that grip tape may be used to cut designs or completely cover a skateboard, it is actually a multi-purpose solution for these among other application areas:

  • Recreational Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Break Rooms
  • Marinas
  • Offices
  • Show Rooms

Grip tape provides a simple to apply, cost effective choice for preventing an object or person from sliding. The backside keeps the top, gritty portion securely sealed to a surface and the sand paper like topside adheres to an object such as shoes to keep the item in place.

What Are Your Options for Peel and Stick Grip Tapes?

Peel and stick grip tape comes in several varieties to make it easy to meet safety compliance requirements. One option is the traditional black peel and stick grip tape that is able to deliver improved gripping without affecting the visual appearance of the application area. Alternatively, colored options are another choice for making a warning more noticeable or simply to match the visual characteristics of the application surface. For example, a certain color might be needed to blend with a wood floor or another area while gaining the appropriate traction.

Double-sided products are great for keeping rugs or other items in place, as these products are designed to adhere to both sides without using an abrasive adhesive. The sticky adhesive on traditional non-slip options would potentially leave a residue or harm the application surface. Double-sided peel and stick grip tapes prevent these types of complications. Each option typically can be purchased as a roll or mat and several manufacturers also have the ability to customize the length for more specific needs.

Peel and stick grip tape may be used to wrap the handles of tools, in craft projects, or for meeting specific safety needs. Additional options include tapes or mats with glow in the dark qualities for egress safety. Clear tapes offer dependable traction without affecting the visual characteristics of an area. The grit-like surface of these products sometimes consists of unique materials to deliver protection against outside elements such as weather or ultra violet rays. Outside of safety purposes, peel and stick grip tape has been used in these ways:

  • Attach Items to Car Dashboard
  • Secure Phone in Pockets, etc.
  • Install Grips on Guns
  • Taping of Hockey or Lacrosse Sticks
  • Non-Slip Protection on Skateboards
  • Further Gripping on Tool Handles
  • Keeping Floor Mats in Place
  • Photo or Decoration Hanging

Some manufacturers are able to help with product development when these qualities will be added to consumer merchandise or must be enhanced for the utmost safety. Abundant options make peel and stick grip tape the best choice for achieving secure positioning of any item. All you have to do is peel off one side, stick it to the surface, and the tape will do the rest. At Jessup MFG, we manufacture a variety of grip tapes as well as offer custom solutions to help you cost effectively achieve any gripping objective. Contact us today!

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