Grip Tape for Sports Products

JessupGripTapeTo say that Jessup Manufacturing is the leading developer, manufacturer, and provider of products to industrial businesses around the world would be a correct statement. However, to say that Jessup Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and provides products strictly for industrial companies would be an invalid assessment. Jessup Manufacturing has exploded onto the scene of action sports, providing products to athletes, sporting events, and sporting goods stores nation wide. Jessup boasts providing the number one product to skateboarders around the globe with our grip tape. Grip tape is the most sought after product by skateboarders because it provides the necessary traction and grip to the board for boarders to perform the necessary stunts and movements during competition events. To skateboarders, Jessup offers custom die cuts and printed logos in a wide variety of colors, available through our website or by contacting Jessup.

Jessup also has many of the water sports covered with our anti and non-slip solutions, along with photoluminescent products. Our anti / non slip and photoluminescent solutions can be used on decks, boat and water vehicle trailers, platforms, and recreational watercrafts for ultimate safety when around areas that could be slippery. Jessup’s durable, anti-slip Safety Track and Flex Track products are the number one nonslip solution available on the market today. If you need photoluminescent safety signage for your dock or other areas where you park your watercrafts that meets all international marine standards, check out GloBrite Photoluminescent products.

Another area where Jessup is booming with their action sport products is in fitness. One of the most popular machines for athletes, especially runners and for those athletes, who live in cold geographical locations around the world, is the treadmill. The treadmill allows runners and other athletes to walk, jog, run, and sprint in an indoor setting when the outdoor environment is too adverse. However, with the narrow runway and the chance of sweat and water falling on the ramp while performing a workout, the treadmill could become slippery. This is why treadmill makers have turned to Jessup to provide superior traction with Jessup Manufactured nonskid Safety Track and Flex Track products. From treadmills to wobble boards, dependable traction calls for the best anti-slip surface. That is why proprietors of athletic equipment trust Jessup for all their equipment and flooring needs.

For more information on Jessup action sports products, feel free to contact the company at your convenience, and a representative will be happy to explain Jessup’s signature line of action sports safety products. Jessup Manufacturing prides itself on delivering the best products for any type of industry or profession, including that of the sporting world.

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