Grip Tape for Slippery Surfaces

SafetyTape2When it comes to owning a building where numerous people frequent on a daily basis, it is not a wise decision to bet on the gracefulness of people. What is meant by that is one of the most prevalent problems building owners have to deal with is accidents that happen in their building, especially in areas that become frequently wet and slippery. As you have probably read or heard at one time or another, big corporations and building owners that oversee a large structure or facility have been sued for millions of dollars for merely being perceived to be at fault (by a court of law, mind you) for someone having an accident inside their location. Often times, the accident involves the slipping in an area that was wet, but not indicated as such. Do not gamble with chance or fate, outfit these potential problem areas with grip tape, especially when its application for slippery services is very inexpensive.

Grip tape is a brilliant way to significantly minimize, perhaps even eliminate any potential for falling or tripping on slippery surfaces. Grip tape provides the necessary friction and traction needed to keep one’s footing in a bathroom, around an exit or entryway, or in any place in your building that has a tendency to get wet or accumulate condensation. In fact, you have most likely seen grip tape in action, as it is what almost every skateboarder uses when performing professional stunts and tricks. In the event you have not seen grip tape in action, simply turn on ESPN and check out the X Games when it is next shown, and you will see skateboarders displaying unbelievable stunts, and the grip tape is what helps them keep their footing. That same concept can be applied in your building, and it will allow you to rest easy knowing that the occupants of your building will find it incredibly difficult to hold you accountable should they ever slip in an area with grip tape.

If the idea of implementing grip tape in your location sounds like an appealing option, you should contact Jessup Manufacturing – a company that offers several different types of grip tape, depending on your needs. All you have to do is explain your location and the potential problem areas, and a Jessup representative will be able to describe the best type of grip tape for the predicament you articulated to him or her. Once the grip tape is installed on the location of common slippery surfaces, it is almost guaranteed that you will never have to worry about an accident related to a slippery surface ever again.

As already states, Jessup Manufacturing is your best bet to obtain specialized grip tape. Do not resort to a cheap, unsuitably designed tape that will last a month on wet surfaces, call Jessup, and get the durable, industrial grade grip tape that will last in your location for years. A Jessup professional is standing by, waiting for your phone call and ready to help you locate the grip tape you need for your slippery surface.

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