Does your Skate Shop Carry Jessup Grip Tape?

SkateTapeBefore grip tape began being used to help save lives of workers located in manufacturing facilities and industrial plants, as well as occupants of large buildings and structures, grip tape was integral in assisting skateboarders with their footing when participating in their sport. In fact, you can trace Jessup grip tape all the way back to the early part of the 1970’s, when it was first developed as a solution for skateboarders to improve the traction of their footing when riding on their boards. In addition, one can conclude that, without the inception of Jessup grip tape as a means to help skateboarders improve the footing on the decks of their boards, the sport would not be nearly as popular as it is today. You see, once skateboarders began placing Jessup grip tape on the decks of their boards, it provided the freedom to take chances with faster speeds and more difficult stunts because the traction needed to perform such aerial and speed movements was instantly made available once Jessup grip tape was introduced to the decks of skateboards. One can trace the sharp increase of skateboard popularity when skateboarders such as Tony Hawk started performing incredible speed and aerial stunts on his board, which had Jessup grip tape on the skateboard deck. Since then, Jessup grip tape, which is considered by almost all skateboarders as the original grip tape used for skateboard decks, has been considered one of the best types of grip tape available on the market, at present.

Reverting back to the question posed in the title, if your skate shop does not carry Jessup grip tape, then your skate shop is committing a terrible disservice to its loyal customer base. The reason for making such a bold statement is justified: not only is Jessup grip tape considered the first of its kind that the original skateboarders relied on to enhance the footing on the decks of their skateboards, Jessup grip tape has continued to lead the way in enhancing its original prototype to keep up with the trends and needs of skateboarders, whose speed and aerial stunts have kept advancing in degree of difficulty over the decades. The proof is clear – if the previous statement was disingenuous in any way, then Jessup grip tape would not still be thriving close to forty years later. When a product has been around as long as Jessup grip tape has, then the main reason is that customers initially found a robust solution from the product, and have continued to find a worthy return on investment throughout the many years it has been made available. A life cycle this long can only mean that skateboarders, whose numbers have vastly grown in since the 1970’s, value Jessup grip tape, which should be more than enough testament to its greatness and accomplishments.

If your skate shop, for whatever reason, currently does not carry Jessup grip tape, then contact us today so you can start benefiting from the best type of grip tape made available to skateboarders today.

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