Jessup graphics media printed on wide format printers have many uses, including:

  • Out of home advertising
  • Retail point-of-purchase, visual merchandising, and environments
  • Bus, subway, and train stations
  • Sporting events, stadiums, and sponsorships
  • Restaurant drive-through lanes
  • Gas stations and convenience stores

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  • Parades and cultural events
  • Parking lots, garages and sidewalk graphics media
  • Safety signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Outdoor posters
  • Street art
  • Guerrilla/mobile marketing

TexWalk® is the ultimate, one-step short term graphics solution for indoor floors and walls and for short-term outdoor use on smooth surfaces. Take a look at this video where TexWalk® was applied over zero VOC paint.

Application gallery

Specialty graphics media users

• Consumer brands • Media companies • Point-of-sale advertisers • Event marketers • Public transportation • Trade shows • Sports franchises • Colleges and universities • Cultural institutions • Stadiums and arenas

The new urban oasis

Bus shelter graphics transport commuters

A transit advertising company sells more ads when they can provide creative ways to engage commuters in creative and fun ways. They found that when they included the sidewalk as ad space in front of bus shelters, the bus riders remembered the ads far longer and their advertisers came back for more campaigns. Working together, the advertisers and the agency transformed the bus shelters into miniature environments to “transport” the riders to exotic places while they waited. They used Asphalt Art® to create the illusions of an ocean, a sports park, and a salon, to name a few.

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Graphics media products

Asphalt Art®


Asphalt Art® stands apart from other media for its non-slip properties, anchoring adhesive, and the fact that unlike other ground graphics, it does not require overlamination to maintain the printed image.



TexWalk® is the ultimate, one-step solution for indoor floors and walls and for short-term outdoor use on smooth surfaces. TexWalk® works great on carpet, tile, wood, metal and painted surfaces. It’s ideal for tradeshow floor graphics, tradeshow carpet graphics, and POP graphics.


VW Event

SportWalk® is a white textured, printable non-slip media engineered with an aggressive adhesive system which adheres to a wide variety of smooth surfaces and is safe for pedestrian traffic. It is ideal for marathons, parades, retail point-of-purchase, trade shows, sporting and other outdoor events.



SoftWalk® is a reusable, non-adhesive backed soft expanded foam mesh for use indoors. SoftWalk®. It is an ideal product for large scale banners and reusable advertising on almost any walking or wall surface.


CatWalk® is a white textured floor graphic media that is dimensionally stable with a textured, non-slip surface. It can be used for short- and medium-term indoor applications including point-of-purchase, shopping malls, museums, showers and pool areas, and much more.



ClearWalk® consists of a translucent film which is dimensionally stable with a non-slip textured surface. It can be used for short- and medium-term indoor floor graphics. ClearWalk provides an extremely secure, slip resistant and chemical resistant surface and blends with the surrounding surface to create unique visual effects.

Glo Brite®

Glo Brite

Jessup Glo Brite® is a thin gauge flexible photoluminescent film coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive. It has a matte HD print receptive surface layer compatible with solvent, UV inks or thermal transfer systems and can be used for a variety of graphic media applications.