Planning a Race? Consider Ground Art

As it pertains to outdoor athletic activities, one of the biggest explosions in popularity are racing events, especially mud runs. If you search AAImage2“racing events” around your city on the search engine of your choice, it is practically guaranteed you will find countless races, including 5k’s, 10k’s, half and full marathons, mud runs, or some wildly themed run or race promoted as fun and exciting for all people, not just long distance runners. This huge trend has caught on throughout the entire United States, as you would be hard pressed to unsuccessfully find some type of race, unless maybe during extreme winter months. Well, it does not hurt to follow a trend; and in this case, it could largely benefit your organization to plan a race for a benefit or cause, as you can expect a wonderful turn out. When planning the race, though, it would be smart to utilize methods of promotional materials to either advertise your cause, or to promote an upcoming event. To do this, it is strongly encouraged to consider ground art to market the event you wish to showcase.


Ground art is a terrific way to create imagery for a cause, brand, or ideal you want to promote. Why? Well, for starters, another popular trend in this country is graffiti art, and ground art is a form of graffiti art where unbelievably detailed and sharp imagery are placed on a medium normally considered extremely difficult on which to perform art. Ground art can be placed on almost any kind of surface, including stone, pavement, cement, concrete, and brick. The significance is people are often amazed that a piece of art so aesthetically perfect in shape and tone can manifest its beauty on such a difficult medium. When someone beholds unbelievable art pieces, the image sticks in his or her head, often forcing the person to think about the image for many days afterward. If you are planning a race, it makes sense to consider and utilize ground art and take advantage of its numerous benefits.AAImage


To speak to a proprietor of ground art, it is recommended you contact a reputable designer of outdoor graphic art, such as Asphalt Art. As you will see on Asphalt Art’s website, the company create and instills extraordinary works of art meant for outdoor event placement. Converse with a professional at Asphalt Art to learn more about ground art, and how your race planning, or any other type of event planning can benefit from incorporating this awesome branding tool.


Asphalt Art Installation

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