Safety Track® 3300
Commercial Grade Colors

Safety Track® Commercial Grade non-skid 60 grit tape has been designed for general purpose applications. This product has been engineered to exceed OSHA standards by providing a durable, consistent, non-slip surface. The aluminum oxide grit ensures durability in both indoor and outdoor applications. The adhesive system aggressively bonds to substrates and is very durable. The collection includes hazard striped message treads and popular safety yellow, red, and orange, among others.


Available Colors

3305 Clear
3310 Snow White
3315 Safety Red
3320 Safety Orange
3325 Dark Blue
3330 Light Blue
3335 Safety Yellow
3340 Brick Red
3345 Medium Brown
3350 Concrete Gray
3355 Green
3358 Speckled Yellow
3360 Yellow/Black Stripe
3365 Red/White Stripe
3370 Granite
3380 Neon Green
3385 Neon Pink
3390 Neon Yellow
3395 Camouflage
3398 Purple

Mop Friendly

3336 Safety Yellow
3375 Black

Heavy Duty Grade Colors

3338 Heavy Duty Yellow
3363 Heavy Duty Black/Yellow