Glow in the Dark Tape – How do they do that?

PhotoluminescentTapeBecause the threat of darkness is involved in a lot of scenarios that involve incidents inside buildings, evacuations, and rescue attempts, there has been a serious attempt to mitigate the functional impediments that arise from performing necessary actions in darkness. This is why once the arrival of glow in the dark tape appeared on the scene, building owners, first response rescuers, and makers of industrial equipment have embraced this new technology to improve safety when performing their necessary duties. You see, glow in the dark tape can be applied to all kinds of materials, whether it is safety equipment, certain locations in buildings such as walls, floors, steps, and ceilings, and even protective clothing. And this ability to apply glow in the dark tape to virtually any product greatly improves its visibility and one’s ability to recognize its location, versus not having glow in the dark tape, which can lead to failure to perform one’s essential duties to one hundred percent effectiveness.

Glow in the dark tape is made with photoluminescent materials, which are eco friendly, green alternative materials that can actually absorb energy from surrounding light sources, or ambient light, then store that energy, and use that energy when it becomes dark. In an area where it is completely dark, or light is obstructed by heavy smoke, rainfall, snow, or other impeding forces, you can probably already recognize how useful it would be to have glow in the dark tape placed on products, equipment, clothing, and throughout building areas. Simply put, glow in the dark tape can save the lives of those who don gear with it strategically placed on the gear, and also save the lives of those who are tracking the glow in the dark feature as they try to find their way through a building in order to escape danger.

The photoluminescent technology that makes glow in the dark tape is designed with specialized adhesive backing, which effectively allows it to adhere to any type of fabric or surface, guaranteeing a permanent stick that will not fall off, no matter the circumstance. This is important because the people who are using glow in the dark tape need to be assured with the safety products being implemented, as any malfunction could lead to even more dangerous scenarios, and even worse, potential injuries or death. With glow in the dark tape, you can be totally confident in its efficiency as a safety utility, as it has been tried and tested, and always passes safety tests with flying colors.

Jessup Manufacturing offers glow in the dark tape made with photoluminescent technology. In fact, Jessup has been a huge supporter of materials infused with photoluminescent technology, and can boast itself s one of the pioneers of offering photoluminescent products to its industrial clientele base. When looking for building safety materials, contact Jessup to discover all the photoluminescent safety products available.

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