Saving Time, Energy & Money with Illuminated Exit Signs

energy saving exit signsIlluminated exit signs are a brilliant way to maximize the protection of your location, whether your location is a large building or structure, or a manufacturing plant or industrial facility. With illuminated exit signs installed throughout your location, you will never have to worry about people wandering through dark halls or corridors, or down stairwells, should the lighting in your location fail for whatever reason. Illuminated exit signs can save lives, which is the most important factor regarding the need to have these types of exit signs incorporated throughout your area. What is even more excellent about illuminated exit signs, other than its ability to keep people out of harm’s way is that it serves several other beneficial purposes of which building owners and businesses managers can take advantage. These purposes involve the opportunity to save time, energy, and money.

Saving Time: Illuminated exit signs use photoluminescent technology, which gives the exit signs its glow in the dark property. Photoluminescent technology is known as an eco friendly, green alternative technology that enhances exit signs in several ways – designed with materials that are not hazardous to the environment, more durability, improved dependability, longer life cycle, easier disposal, and less maintenance, to name a few. Focusing on these named benefits, illuminated exit signs require less time spent on ensuring the product is functioning as intended when compared to any other safety product of the like on the market today. By saving time on concerning themselves with illuminated exit signs, your employees can focus on other business related goals, which is generally not the case with older model exit signs, which require a lot of time due to its operational capacity.

Saving Money: This benefit may strike you as the most interesting, since business and building overhead, especially as it pertains to utility costs, seem to skyrocket every year. Believe it or not, for those of you still using exit signs that are connected to an electrical source, that could be increasing your utility overhead many times over because of how expensive consuming electricity has become over the years. However, once your location installs illuminated exit signs, your location will cease using electricity to operate those exit signs. Therefore, your building or business will dramatically decrease its utility costs and commence saving a lot of money that it does not need to be spending on a much inferior exit sign product.

Saving Energy: This notion goes hand-in-hand with saving money, because illuminated exit signs do not require a dedicated electrical current in order to function as intended. Rather, ambient energy is absorbed from surrounding light sources, then stored, and later used to provide glow in the dark properties that cause the exit signs to glow brightly, enabling it to be seen in any circumstance, including pitch black locations and through thick smoke. With illuminated exit signs, your location has a much more efficient, eco friendly, and green alternative safety product that drastically reduces your energy consumption.

Saving time, money & energy using illuminated exit signs is simple. Contact GloBrite today to get started.

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