Product Enhancement with Luminescence Properties

When it comes to outfitting your building or office space with egress materials, obviously, you want to find solutions that are jessup1cost effective, but your main focus should be on optimizing your safety products. The good news is that, with the modernization of safety signage, you can successfully accomplish both notions with the same product. Photoluminescent technology is available that offers a green alternative to conventional methods of furnishing your building with emergency exit signs. Photoluminescent materials are eco friendly, as they do not require a direct current of electricity in order to operate. Rather, photoluminescence allows for the absorption and storage of ambient light, and then turning that energy into a usable force that functions better than any other tested safety product on the market today. Naturally, the idea of tremendous cost savings will make any building owner jump for joy, as utility bills continue to skyrocket each and every year, but the real winning trait to incorporating photoluminescent technology is the luminescent properties associated with the materials.

Luminescent properties truly enhance egress products more so than any other property pertaining to emergency signage. One of the largest complaints from building owners and those who have tested traditional safety products is the unreliability of egress markers to be effective during a power outage or during a heavy influence of impeding forces, such as smoke and heavy rainfall, that make it impossible to see the markers. What good is a safety product if it cannot be seen during an emergency? Luminescent properties, which are the driving force behind photoluminescent technology offer paramount product enhancement by ensuring the materials glow bright. In fact, when tested, luminescent properties can be easily discovered and understood during the thickest of smog, pitch black areas, heavy rainfall, and other scenarios that could impede viewing ability.

GloBrite Systems is a provider of photoluminescent technology, and one of their professionals can explain further photoluminescence relation to product enhancement with the infusion of luminescent properties. There are so many advantages to installing materials with luminescent properties that government regulatory organizations are making the use of photoluminescent technology mandatory in most states, with a push to make the mandate nationwide. Why would you not go with the ultimate product enhancement mechanism, and implement luminescent properties immediately and stop using safety signage solutions that have a propensity to let building owners and evacuees down at the most inopportune time.

Contact GloBrite now, and become one of many companies that have already discovered the best product enhancement available – emergency exit solutions with luminescent properties that offer those who frequent your building the best chance at reaching safety should an unfortunate event occur the requires everyone to evacuate your facility. GloBrite Systems will help you ensure the safety of lives.

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