Zero Energy Exit Signs

There used to be a time when building owners, despite feeling relieved that their location was set up with proper egress markers, felt a tad reluctant when implementing these mandatory signs because it meant an exorbitant amount of energy consumption, which subsequently meant a drastic increase in overhead. Emergency exit signs used to rely on a power source, whether hooked up to an outlet or power source – which was usually the case – or using batteries. The problem with battery operated exit signs was the longevity, as the batteries’ energy source was rapidly consumed, and sometimes unchecked for several days before someone realized the emergency sign was not functioning and the batteries were replaced.

Today, the landscape of emergency exit signs has drastically changed. There are no zero energy exit signs available that do not rely on any source of power or energy that comes from an outlet or a battery. Rather, as is the case with photoluminescent technology, the source of energy comes from ambient light, and is stored for later use. This brilliant design eliminates any need for a power source for emergency exit signs, and drastically reduces cost and overhead. Moreover, having zero energy exit signs, especially those with photoluminescence, means you are using a more reliable and durable product, as stated by numerous tests that rank photoluminescent technology as the number one egress signage available on the market. In addition, photoluminescent products are ecofriendly.

This might be too hard to believe for many who are involved in an industry that demand efficient exit signs. All you need to do is contact GloBrite, and their professionals will provide the necessary information and documentation stating the plethora of benefits and advantages to using zero energy exit signs, and will also help you find, purchase, transition, and install zero energy exit signs. GloBrite has been in the emergency exit sign business for decades, and have helped many companies make the transition to zero energy exit signs. GloBrite is ready to help you make the transition as well, so you can not only start saving a lot of money, but also install the best egress markers available on the market.

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