Workplace Safety Signs: What Signs Can Improve Your Building’s Safety?

At a time when litigation is the overwhelming response to injuries that occur on commercial property, safety in the workplace is a critical consideration for every company, large or small. Although employees can’t sue their employers when workers comp benefits are available, building visitors can and usually do sue a company when they are injured on its premises due to insufficient safety measures. Self-luminous signage offers the best option in safety. Although different buildings require different safety measures, all buildings need signs that alert people to specific dangers and/or help them evacuate when visibility is low. If you own a commercial building, below are six types of workplace safety signs that can increase building safety.

Luminescent Dangerous Area Signs

From hardhat areas to areas where dangerous chemicals are used, many buildings contain sections that pose a distinct risk to building occupants. Marking these sections with the appropriate signage can keep building visitors from exposing themselves to danger unknowingly. If you believe that a building area could be dangerous, be sure mark it as such, even if the danger applies to select persons, such as people who have respiratory illnesses.

Luminescent Fire Equipment Signs

By identifying fire equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hose and standpipe units, building owners make them easy to access when visibility is lowered by smoke. In the event of small fires, fire equipment could allow building occupants to extinguish a fire. In the event of large fires, it could allow them to extinguish a flame-engulfed section of egress path and make a safe exit.

Luminescent Direction Arrow Signs

Luminescent direction arrows indicate the continuation of an egress path when its continuation becomes unclear, such as when one hallway intersects another one that runs perpendicularly. If your building contains such points, implementing direction arrows could be crucial to preventing emergency egress jams that could result in injuries and fatalities.

Emergency Exit Symbols

Also known as “running man signs,” emergency exit symbols identify doors that lead to a building exit. The International Fire Code (IFC) requires them to be mounted on exit-leading doors in positions that are 18 inches above the finished floor. Also known as “international exit signs,” emergency exit symbols convey their information through symbolism, making them ideal for buildings worldwide.

Floor Identification Signs

Placed at every floor landing in a vertical exit enclosure, floor identification signs reveal critical information, particularly:

• The identification of the enclosure,
• The floor level,
• The number of floors within the enclosure,
• The floor level of the exit and how to reach it, and
• The availability of roof access.

Floor identification signage is critical for every building whose vertical exit enclosures connect to three or more occupied floors.

Globrite has the Safety Signs You Need

At Globrite, we specialize in photoluminescent products that increase building safety, including the signage listed above. If your building lacks self luminous safety signs, you may be exposing yourself to a premises liability lawsuit. To protect your financial interests and your building occupants, get the signs that you need today by browsing through our product pages.

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