What Type of Egress Components are on the Market?

evacuation safety markersBuilding owners with older structures might have outdated safety evacuation markers and other types of egress components installed throughout the building. Despite the overall likelihood that an unforeseen event causing occupants of your building to evacuate is not likely, it still behooves building owners to install the highest rated egress components available on the market at present. Because of recent incredible advances in technology, significant strides have been made that drastically improve evacuation and egress safety components that outperform all previous models, in every way. The most prominent and best rated safety markers and egress components available today is called photoluminescence, or are infused with photoluminescent technology.

Building owners who have not recently upgraded their structure’s safety products and egress components should read the following information carefully, especially if your building’s egress components require a direct electricity source to operate as need be. If this is the case, then making the switch to photoluminescent evacuation and egress components will provide your building with state of the art safety components that have been tested, and have proven to be the highest ranking of its kind. Moreover, you will save a lot of money and reduce your utility overhead because photoluminescent egress components are wireless, meaning they do not need an outlet of electric current to function.

photoluminescent productsPhotoluminescent safety markers and egress components are created with eco friendly, green alternative materials that work by absorbing ambient (surrounding) light, then stores that produced energy, and then uses that energy for its own to glow in the dark, providing the necessary luminance for people to evacuate a dark building. Federal regulatory agencies value photoluminescent evacuation products and egress components so highly, they are pushing every state to make its implementation in all buildings mandatory. This is because photoluminescent technology has proven to provide functionality that is more efficient, increased longevity, and better durability than any competing product. In addition, and as mentioned previously, photoluminescent products do not require a power outlet to operate because of its ability to absorb ambient light, which automatically leads to a decrease in utility bill expense.

Photoluminescent products and egress components are also safer to use than older emergency devices because of the aforementioned eco friendly materials used to design and develop the products. This ensures a significantly higher likelihood that, when people need to evacuate a building, they will reach safety in a more effective manner. Older evacuation products were not nearly as reliable, because the egress markers could only function with a direct power outlet. Therefore, if the power source failed, and no auxiliary power is available, the egress markers were rendered useless. Plug in egress components are also considered a risky fire hazard.


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