What is a Self Glowing Exit Sign?

self luminous exit signsA self glowing exit sign can also be described as a self reliant exit sign, as a self glowing exit sign is made with such materials that allows it to begin glowing once it recognizes that darkness is impending, and will fully glow in the dark when darkness is upon the location. What is so amazing about this feature is the ability for the exit sign to recognize when darkness is closing in. Exit signs that cannot perform like this are the signs that are connected to a power source, like an electrical outlet. These types of exit signs are not self reliant, and therefore, cannot glow in the dark on their own. The self glowing exit signs that have become very popular among entities that need to use emergency signage and other types of egress markers are known as photoluminescent exit signs. Photoluminescent technology involves the ability for exit signs to recognize light/day (depending on whether the exit sign is indoors or outdoors) from dark / night. When it is bright, photoluminescent exit signs absorb and store the energy elicited from the light, which the exit sign will then use once it becomes dark. When it is dark, exit signs laced with photoluminescent materials will glow bright to safely lead people to their exit.

There are so many advantages to using self glowing exit signs, one of which is the ability to ‘cut the cord’ of other exit signs, emergency signage, and egress markers you might have throughout your location that is currently relying on a direct energy source. Not only is it incredibly cost effective for your building and/or business to be able to unplug all of your exit signs that are running up your electric utility bill and replace them with self reliant exit signs, outlet connected exit signs present a fire hazard. All it takes is one spike in the power current that disrupts the source of energy, causing the exit sign to catch on fire. Another advantage is that self glowing exit signs with photoluminescent materials are considered an eco friendly, green alternative option that makes its use safer for people to be around, for disposal purposes, and for the environment as it decomposes.

Much more information regarding self glowing exit signs can be attained from contacting GloBrite Systems. GloBrite is a huge supporter and purveyor of self glowing exit signs, especially those that are infused with photoluminescent technology. Why? Because GloBrite, along with almost every safety regulatory agency, believes that photolumoinescent exit signs are truly the best available emergency signage products available on the market today. If your building or place of business does not currently have self glowing exit signs, you need to reach out to GloBrite right away. A GloBrite professional can help you make the transition to self glowing exit sign technology, where your building and / or business can begin receiving all the benefits that come from utilizing a self reliant, self glowing exit sign. Call GloBrite Systems now; one of their professionals is ready to assist you.

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