What Happens when Photoluminescent Technology Meets Safety Products?

globrite firefighter gearYou have probably heard of the term, and understand the meaning when someone calls the pairing of two things a “match made in heaven.” Well, the term “match made in heaven” can best be applied to the fusion of photoluminescent technology with safety products. Why is photoluminescent technology and safety such a quality match? It is because safety products need to be counted on to work at all times, under any circumstances, and be fully optimized to help as many people as possible reach safety under times of duress with minimum difficulty. These reasons are, by far and away, the most important aspects safety products must have. Safety products must not ever fail. The best type of technology available that ensures all of these aspects are satisfactorily met and exceeded involves the use of photoluminescence. The notion of photoluminescent technology being the absolute best technology available for which safety products should be built is more than just a blogger’s opinion; it is practically fact. How so? Several federal regulatory committees, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are mandating the incorporation of photoluminescent technology into all safety products law in many states. Why? Simple – because photoluminescent technology works, and the highest regulatory authorities all agree that it does.

Other advantages to infusing photoluminescent technology with safety products is the eco friendly, green alternative benefit received when investing in photoluminescence. All materials made with photoluminescent technology are guaranteed to be safe for people to use, wear, touch, and be in close proximity to, as well as being totally safe for the environment (zero negative environmental impact and zero carbon footprint). In addition, if you are a building owner reading this blog, and you have traditional exit signs that are hooked up to a power source implemented throughout your building, every second that goes by you are wasting money. How? Photoluminescent safety products do not require a direct source of energy connected to it, at all. Instead, photoluminescence allows safety products to absorb ambient light, store it as energy, and then use that energy to glow in the dark, without fail.

Building owners, first responder departments, and office managers in charge of safety products for their place of business are foolish if they have not already stopped reading this blog and have started dialing the number to GloBrite Systems – a purveyor of photoluminescent technology for safety products. A GloBrite expert will be happy to explain to you the type of photoluminescent safety products they have in stock, and which of these products will best serve your needs, depending on how you plan to incorporate safety products at your place of business. Start taking advantage of the wonderful enhancements photoluminescent technology provides to safety products.

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