What Are the Best Evacuation Safety Markings?

evacuation safety markersBuilding owners who have had a structure erected for several years, maybe decades, likely still have old and potentially outdated evacuation safety markers installed throughout the entire building. Though the likelihood that an event causing occupants to evacuate a building will happen, it still behooves building owners to outfit their structure with the best available safety makers available on the market today. In part due to incredible advances in technology, significant strides in improving evacuation safety markings have been made that completely outperform all previous models. The main evacuation safety marking technology available now is known as photoluminescence.

Building owners who have not upgraded their evacuation safety markings for their building in a long time need to pay attention to the following information, especially if the egress products being used in the building still require a direct power source in order to function as intended. If this is the case, then transitioning to photoluminescent evacuation safety markings not only provides your building with state of the art egress products that have proven to be the best of its kind, but you will actually save money and reduce building overhead. Photoluminescent safety markings are made of eco friendly, green alternative materials that absorb ambient light, store that light, and then use it to glow in the dark. Federal regulatory agencies value such evacuation products so much they are pushing all states to ratify its usage as mandatory. This is largely in part because photoluminescent markings provide more efficient functionality, increased longevity, and stronger durability. And, as mentioned previously, photoluminescent products do not require a power outlet to operate because of its ability to absorb ambient light. So, once a building owner has installed photoluminescent components throughout the building, a decrease in utility bill expenses is guaranteed. This alone should be incentive for all businesses to make a transition as soon as possible.

In addition, photoluminescent products are safer to use than older safety markers, and the products provide a significantly higher likelihood that everyone evacuating the building will reach safety. Older evacuation safety markings were not as reliable since the components could only function with a direct power outlet, so if the power source failed, the evacuation markers were rendered useless unless the owner implemented a backup power source. Moreover, there have been documented scenarios where evacuation markers connected to a direct power source became a fire hazard due to a spike or surge in flowing electricity.

GloBrite Systems can assist you with updating your evacuation signage to photoluminescent products – the best evacuation safety markings available for buildings. Their representatives can explain how easy it is to install their evacuation systems and how little maintenance is necessary to keep them performing.  GloBrite has been a proprietor of photoluminescent products since its inception, and a representative can help answer any questions you have regarding how photoluminescent components work, and why the materials used are far superior to that of other evacuation products.

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