What Are the Benefits of Wireless Emergency Signs?

wireless emergency exit signsWhen traditional emergency signs were installed in buildings, the technology at that time only allowed for wired models, needing to be connected to an electrical outlet because that was the only way the models would function. Even though wired emergency signs were the only type available, problems with having to be connected to a power source persisted, such as fire hazards stemming from from spikes and surges in the electrical current traveling to the emergency signs. Other issues with wired emergency signs include significant increases in utility costs, creating more business overhead, as well as an overall inefficient and unreliable product that could malfunction, undetected, unless the emergency signs are routinely inspected.

Even though wired emergency signs represent an older classification of models, many businesses and buildings are still using this out of date and possible hazardous method of emergency egress signage, despite the present availability of wireless emergency signs. Now, businesses and building owners can install wireless emergency signs that are safer and cost efficient when compared to older, wired models. The following will explain the benefits to transitioning to wireless emergency signs.

Briefly mentioned above, wired emergency signs can be dangerous and expensive to run. Wired emergency signs are a fire hazard, as spikes and surges in electrical current flow happen more frequently than people realize, and all it would take is one intermittent spike or surge to overheat the emergency sign to cause it to catch on fire. Moreover, the reliance on a direct flow of electricity can cost thousands of dollars each year, possibly more, depending on the size of your building and how many wired emergency signs are installed. Wireless emergency signs do not require a source of electricity. Instead, wireless signs absorb surrounding light so it can become self sustainable, and requires absolutely no energy or power from outlets and electrical connections.

Older models of emergency signs were made with materials that are now considered biohazards, and considered unsafe for practical use. Furthermore, older models such as tritium require specific methods for disposal that can also be costly to business. Current models of wireless emergency signs are designed with technologically advanced materials, developed by scientists, which use eco friendly, green alternative components. This means that these state of the art wireless emergency signs are safe for people who are in close proximity, as well as environmentally safe.

GloBrite Systems is a proponent of wireless emergency signs, especially wireless signs madet with photoluminescent technology, which is a type of eco friendly, green alternative wireless emergency sign created with all of the benefits and enhancements discussed in this blog. GloBrite provides wireless emergency signs to its customers, all of which are equipped with the latest and greatest technology. Contact GloBrite today and they will explain how easy it is to transition from a wired emergency system to an energy saving, low maintenance, eco friendly, reliable safety system.

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