Wet Location Exit Signs

If you are planning to install, or are in need of exit signs for a wet locations, you might already know that the exit sign is going to have an intricate design that can withstand the elements that come from a wet location. Wet locations that can become saturated with condensation, such as from an air conditioning unit, or rainfall – any outside area that is exposed – are detrimental to exit signs that are not built with a waterproof or water resistant base. Any exit sign that relies on a power source that comes from a cable or outlet is out of the question. Therefore, a wet location exit sign will have to be battery operated, or be able to store ambient light as energy for later usage.

There are companies that specialize in designing and creating egress equipment that can withstand harsh environmental forces, and even highly mechanized and industrialized areas. GloBrite is one of those companies that offer products for any conceivable environment or situation. One of those situations happens to be installing exit signs in wet locations. They offer photoluminescent products that do not rely on any power source other than ambient light, and are made with materials that are water proof and water resistant, therefore an outside area or a location with mechanically delivered water will have no effect on the emergency exit sign.

If you are in need of assistance concerning inputting an exit sign in a location subjected to harsh elements, especially involving water and condensation, GloBrite can help you choose the right product, depending on the scenario. GloBrite has been in the exit sign business for decades, and can help you incorporate an exit sign within a wet location, no matter how much water or condensation to which the exit sign will be exposed. GloBrite professionals are standing by, ready to assist you in finding the wet location exit sign that is perfect for your situation.

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