Understanding UL 924 Compliance

ul924 complianceIf you have been on the GloBrite System website, perusing product information and availability regarding new and/or current emergency exit sign, luminescent lighting, and other egress safety components and materials, you have probably noticed that many of these safety products have a “UL 924 listed” description attached. In case you are unfamiliar with what exactly “UL 924” compliance means, this blog will clarify what the specification is, and why it makes egress products the standard for use. UL 924 compliance means that the product has been reviewed and tested for meeting and exceeding fire safety codes that must be observed by all commercial entities.

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is an independent testing organization that has been certifying various egress and safety products for over one hundred years, ensuring safety mandates are met with the implementation of tested products and components. For example, UL listings exist for safety materials and item categories such as laboratory equipment, fire extinguishers, and various types of wiring, along with several other classifications. UL 924 compliance specifically deals with the standard for safety as it pertains to both emergency lighting and power equipment.

Emergency luminescent lighting and emergency exit signs fall under the UL 924 compliance category. Therefore, a UL 924 certification attached to the product means that product is fully compliant. For emergency lighting to be considered completely UL 924 compliant, the component must be able to provide at least ninety minutes of illumination. Ninety minutes is the agreed upon time that will provide all building occupants enough time to safely evacuate to an outside location, without injury inciting panic that could lead to making evacuation more difficult. Furthermore, it is mandated that the emergency lighting offers immediate and automatic illumination should power failure occur.

Emergency exit signs follow a similar set of guidelines and rules as it pertains to UL 924 compliance mandates. The Underwriters Laboratory permits the color of emergency exit sign letters to be either red or green, and it is a requirement that the letters be, at the smallest, six inches in length, with a stroke thickness of three-quarters of an inch and have space three-eighths of an inch between each letter. In addition, UL 924 compliance mandates a minimum luminance of .06 feet per lamberts, as well as a viewing distance of at least one hundred feet. There are some exceptions to the viewing distance rule, but if the viewing distance is going to be less than one hundred feet, then the emergency exit sign must be marked with whatever the viewable distance actually is. For more information concerning distance exceptions, please call GloBrite Systems, and a representative can explain in more detail.

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